6 tips on how to live without depression from Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper's views on how you can quickly and easily get rid of this illness, like depression

Spring - a time of bright colors and the sea of ​​smiles. But often in the first days of the spring period, people are attacked by light blues. Inexplicable fact, as for me, but it definitely takes place in the modern world. A bad mood "attack" suddenly and leaves no opportunities "ride the wave" positive attitude. It remains only to once again convince myself that then all will be well and live with hope for the best. The internal forces tend to dry out and the channel of "internal balance" is constantly in need of nourishment.

Different people have different ways to cheer yourself up: someone meets with friends, someone is drinking good wine, some help sweets and ice cream, but someone urgently need a new piece of "love." Single formula of "happiness" does not exist yet. We all fight for him means available. And everyone wins as can.

Our thoughts - our actions. Our ideas - the reasons for actions. Our view of the world - a mirror image of our present. So whatever happens to us - this is a breakdown product of our thinking? Positive thoughts give birth to a happy "today". They can draw strength and inspiration. Each "yes" today laid happy "just to be" tomorrow.

Sheldon Cooper - selfish, but firmly knows what she wants the hero of "The Big Bang Theory," which has - its own rules of life. He is not afraid to be different, use its standards for "normal" and "adequacy».

Here are some views of Sheldon Cooper on how you can quickly and easily get rid of this illness, like depression:

1. Someone is now clearly worse than you
Sheldon Cooper: If you think you feel bad, then think about the gibbons, the only primates that are not considered to be humanoid.
Howard Volovec: What?
Sheldon Cooper: All other anthropoid primates considered, except for him. This means that the zoologists had to create an entire category of gibbon, making it a little outcast in the sandbox of life. Here's an example of hairy Maltz, dissatisfied with life.

2. Anyone who really wants to always get the desired
Doctor: Can I ask you a personal question?
Hovsteder Leonard: Sure.
Doctor: So you like the same as I do. And you could get a girl like Penny?
Leonard Hovsteder: Huh? Well, you know ... I was just a.
Sheldon Cooper: I'm begging you. I'll tell you how he achieved this: consistently and constantly begging. Explain to urological terms, he was drug-resistant staphylococcus, and she urethra, which could not resist him.

3. In any environment can survive
Leonard Hovsteder: But if we are faced with an asteroid, you're going to die, too! Is not it?
Sheldon Cooper: I do not know, I'm smart and bold, something will come up.

4. Invincible sense of humor saves in any situation
Sheldon Cooper: I'm sorry, but I do not have all the ingredients for the masala tea.
Raj Koothrappali: Come on, do not worry.
Sheldon Cooper: Well, of course. You're upset because you are Indian and Emily, I have to make you some tea masala. That's all I have, except for cardamom seeds. You bring them no chance?
Raj Koothrappali: I'm sorry, and left them in his turban.
Sheldon Cooper: Then do you English tea. They ruined your culture, so it feels the same.

5. The ability to compromise - a recipe for a happy "tomorrow»
Penny: I've done stupid things. You've done stupid things. Maybe we recognize that we're even, and will continue to live as before?
Sheldon Cooper: I did not do anything stupid.
Penny: Let's go for a compromise.
Sheldon Cooper: I'm on it went. I am willing to admit that you've done stupid things.

6. The optimistic view of the world gives the opportunity to "step over" through any problem
Ramona Nowitzki: Dr. Cooper, I have to say - your friends drag you back.
Sheldon Cooper: I prefer to think that I pull them forward.

Everyone has their own way of self-knowledge and self-development, but all have one goal - to be with loved ones and feel happy. Trite, but true for almost everyone. Depression is characterized by the fact that kills faith in "tomorrow" and without hope we will not achieve the result we need. Think after a loss of strength and mood, whether you will continue comfortably in this state? Did you get the correct dose of inspiration to confront new problems tomorrow?

Create playlists of pleasant things and moments. Watch your desires from the side. Do not kill a faith in people and their sincerity. Remember that "tomorrow" depends entirely on us and our decisions today. A series "The Big Bang Theory" can entertain you on your way to your ideal "tomorrow».

Marina Poznyakova


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