30 things that should be stopped making women to 30

It turns out there is life after 29, and more than that - it is beautiful! But some habits you there's just no need ...

Arriving at her parents' house, where everything is included.
Gone are the days when they take care of you. Now you have to give them a decent life.

You are not so frivolous.
Jealous of the girls in the class.
Much time has passed, people have changed. What was at school, remains the same.
Experience after a hearty meal.
If this is your weakness - eat for health and do not reproach yourself.
Complexes and adjust weight.
Exercise regularly, but not due. So kilos go faster.
Ashamed of his hobbies.
What brings you pleasure, should not cause shame.
To deny compliments.
You deserve them.
Ask for money from their parents.
You have grown up, and you should be ashamed to ask for money from their parents.
Giving an empty promise
No need to offend people just because you do not want to explain.
Exalt idols.
You will not find Johnny Depp in the subway.
Convince yourself and others that you're scared.
You are such as it is. Love yourself, praise and exalt yourself its beauty.
Sunbathing until bubbles.
Excessive tanning causes oncology, premature wrinkles. It you want?
Buying clothes is not its size.
Are you still confident that if you buy jeans for 2 sizes less, lose weight?
Neglected family.
Closer your parents you do not have certain. I love them for what they are.
To be afraid to ask for support or help.
Ask for help does not mean not to be able to. If you are afraid to do something wrong, it is only a plus to you. Surrounding understand and support.
Stop to chat with the people you unpleasant.
You should not be to everyone's taste. Be yourself, live in your pleasure.
Wait act of man.
On the street 21, and a woman can make the first step.
Stop just talking.
Proceed to the action words - water.
Embarrassed at the sight of a stranger.
We are all human beings, do not be afraid and ashamed.
Speaking of gossip about friends and acquaintances.
If they are really your way, why these conversations?
Talk like you 15 years.
You have a big girl, if you put it on slang, it looks very silly.
Justifies itself.
It is much easier to admit his mistake and apologize.
Write messages after former superfluous ...
You do not want your ex thought you were lonely ugly?
Wear underwear bad.
You deserve to be a woman and pamper yourself with expensive gifts.
Drink energy drinks.
Take care of health and beauty. Drink juices and sleep at night.
Do not clean the house.
Your home - it's you. Live in harmony and order.
To borrow money and to borrow.
Loans - a heavy burden. Would you like to live in debt?
Carried away by the bad guys.
You need support, protection and support in the face of a man. Bad boys are not.
Sleep till noon.
Ave life. Wake up and conquer the world.


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