Shuttle diplomacy by Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger once asked to speak:

- What is the shuttle diplomacy?

Kissinger replied:

- Oh! This is an old Jewish and trouble-free way to solve problems! Telling the example of how the shuttle diplomacy. Suppose you want to give his daughter in marriage to the Rockefeller simple guy from the Siberian village.

- Is that possible?

- Nevertheless, it's simple. I'm going to Russia, meet in a remote village where a healthy guy and ask:

- Do you want to marry a Jewish woman from America?

He told me:

- Why the hell ?! We have enough and their girls.

I told him:

- But and if she - the daughter of the billionaire Rockefeller!


- Hmm! Then it changes everything ...

Then I go to Switzerland and to the board of the bank put the question:

- Would you like to be president of the Siberian peasant?

- Why do we need a president of the Siberian peasant? - Surprised me at the bank.

- Yes, but it will also be in-law Rockefeller?

- Hmm! Well, of course, makes all the difference!

After that I'm going to visit Rockefeller and after asking to watch movies online:

- Do you want to your son in law was a Russian man?

He told me:

- What are you suggesting? We have relatives in only financiers!

I told him:

- Yes, but it will also be the president of the board of the Swiss bank!


- Hmm! This changes everything! Susie! Come come here. Kissinger found each class you groom. He is president of the Swiss bank!


- Phi ... All these financiers - dohlyaki and impotent!

What I told her:

- Yes I Do! But this is special, he - a hefty Siberian peasant!


- Oh-oh-oh! This completely changes everything!


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