The national character of the Chinese

Is it true that Chinese people are cunning, curiosity, and completely unambitious?

Beautiful, alluring China, the planet's oldest civilization, a country of poets and philosophers, silk and tea, majestic mountains and graceful pagodas. Region, where in the East, densely populated and bustling cities, towering giant skyscrapers, and the West, the silence of the Tibetan plateau, heard the prayers of Buddhist monks. Where the North winds blow in the desert cold winds and mournful stretch Uighur songs, and in the South the sun is in the mirror of the rice terraces and on the banks of the wide river Lijiang lush cherry blossoms.

Today a lot of talk about this rapidly developing but still not fully clear to us the country. Without a doubt, the main factor of China's growth is its people. But do we know who are and what is Chinese? If you know how to communicate with them? And what are they so distant and close at the same time Asians are different from us?

Cunning and diplomacy



Entrepreneurs and businessmen often hear that the Chinese are hard negotiators, cheat and Dodge at every step. Yes, the Chinese are excellent diplomats. Scattering in the external expressions of friendship, they lull your vigilance, and eventually a roundabout way to reach their own goals.

The fact that throughout Chinese history of military Affairs in the state was not too developed. The soldiers were not held in high esteem: they were considered violators of a sacred China custom permissions problems by virtue. China — the "female" civilization, has always been highly honored by poets and artists, and that diplomacy was the main tool developed, civilized China in the protection of the surrounding territory of the barbarian tribes and nomads. No wonder the famous military strategist sun Tzu wrote: "the Greatest victory is a victory without a fight." So to believe in the sincerity of the Chinese are just not worth it: in this case, the law "on mind and language" is not working. If a Chinese tells you, "You speak excellent Chinese!", or "are You from Russia? You are the best!", or "You look unbelievable" does not mean that he is really crazy about you and you are very interested, just comply with the necessary etiquette to have you to myself. The best answer in this case is traditionally Chinese, "Well what do you think you, let alone me."




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