70 years since the death of Tanya Savicheva.

Exactly 70 years ago from a serious illness, died 14-year-old Tanya Savicheva. From her, we left a diary that the girl was in the besieged Leningrad.

Now the diary of Tanya is in the Museum of History of Leningrad in St. Petersburg. A copy is exhibited in the window of the memorial Piskaryovsky cemetery where lie the 570,000 citizens who died during the 900-day Nazi blockade.

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At the time of the declaration of war, all large and close-knit family Savicheva lived in Leningrad. Summer 1941, they were going to take place in a village near Gdov, but only managed to leave Thani brother Michael. Unexpectedly, began the war prevented the plans of the family, all of whose members immediately began to help the army mother a seamstress sewed uniforms, Leka worked as a planer at the Admiralty Works, Zhenya's sister sharpener housing for mines, Nina was mobilized for defense work, Vasily and Alexei Savichevs two Uncle Thani, served in air defense.

The older sister Tanya, Nina did not once came home from work. Mother felt that she died. But in fact, she was evacuated with his now across Lake Ladoga to the "mainland." Blog, or rather the notebook, Tanya inherited from Nina. On the one hand it has been used up Nina's comments to his work, and on the other hand, Tanya began to keep a diary.

The first entry in it appeared Dec. 28, 1941:
Eugene died on December 28 at 12:30 o'clock in the morning in 1941

My sister was killed in his apartment on Moss Street. Since she worked all day at the plant, to which it was necessary to get on the huge snowdrifts, she was too exhausted and died.

Less than a month into a new blog post. It states that the life of Tanya's grandmother went Evdokia. She needed urgent hospitalization due to malnutrition, but brave woman knew that the hospital and the wounded soldiers so crowded, so refused rehabilitation.

Following for a long time the family left the Nina and Misha. Later it was Nina finds his notebook diary Thani from a distant relative. However, the disappearance of his brother and sister Tanya did not enter into the diary.
In March Leka died. He, too, died of dystrophy.

In the book "The History of Admiralty factory" where he was working, there is a photo Leonid, and under it the inscription:
"Leonid Savitchev worked very diligently, never too late to change, even though he was exhausted. But one day he did not come to the factory. Two days later, the shop said that Savitchev died ... »

Less than a month into a new blog post. At this time, Tanya had to bring the date of the death of Uncle Vasya.

Uncle Bob died April 2 at 13 am Night 1942

Then one after another death records uncle Lesha first, and then the mother of the family of Mary Ignatievna. The first died on May 10th. After three days and did not Mary.
Writing it in a diary, Tanya passes the word "died».

Soon after the letter "C", "U" and "O" appears last recording made child's hand:

"Savichevs died»
"Died all»
"There was one Tanya»

Soon, Tanya was evacuated together with other children of besieged Leningrad. In August 1942, a train with children arrived in the village shaky. The girl came to the orphanage № 48. She is the only child of the men was sick with tuberculosis. Girl died in 1944, on July 1. But her diary remains in memory for future generations as a reminder of the horrors of life in besieged Leningrad and the atrocities of the Nazi regime.


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