Recorded "ice finger of death" - an unusual natural phenomenon in the Antarctic

Cameramen Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson (Hugh Millеr et Dоug Аnderson) during his presence in Antarctica have filmed the incredible phenomenon. Above the surface of the ice is not a small place cameramen by the "magnifying glass of time" was shot for twelve hours the process of the formation of ice stalactites that reach the ocean day in the form of stream of incredibly cold (below zero Celsius) and quite salty water. Experts call this phenomenon "brinkly", and the operators who filmed dubbed this phenomenon as the "icy finger of death".

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The water of the jet has a higher density than the rest of its surrounding ocean water, and also the temperature of the jet is much below zero!
This "Ice finger of death" kills all life it touches, turning everything into ice. It is clearly possible to see a wonderful video which was published by the BBC. This chilling torrent of salt water reaching the bottom spreads out and freezes all in its path. All ocean animals (sea stars and other ocean organisms) fall into this trap of ice freeze and die.

With light poles, another mysterious natural phenomenon to explore in this article.

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