The most stunning Christmas decorations handmade

American Barbara Newton works as a glass artist for over 40 years. But one of her main Hobbies — painting Christmas decorations with acrylic paints. Her Christmas toys have different shapes from the usual round balls to more unusual and unique models. We offer you to enjoy the best for her.
Set of two bells with the image of a red cardinals sitting on snow covered branches with red berries. For greater effect, added the mother-of-pearl. Quite frosty and very elegant.

Red cardinal glass ball with a diameter of 8 centimeters is made with acrylic paints. Toy is decorated with a red bow.

Red cardinal in a beanie and a scarf on a branch of Holly with berries. Perfect for decorating a Christmas tree in a family where there are children. Glittering snowflakes complete the composition.

Elegant red poinsettia with Holly and berries.

Cute snowman with a broom ready to clean not only snow, but also all the sorrows of the old year.

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