Japanese artist carves trees out of paper bags

To draw public attention to the problem of active use of the forest (as raw material for paper bags, in particular) is a Japanese artist living in USA, Yuken Teruya has created a series of works that speaks of the necessity of careful attitude to resources.

He gives a second, or even third, life material, making of it a real piece of art. And performs it masterfully, using just a drop of glue to "root trunk".
For the project, "forest", the artist created several works. Some of them disposable paper bags from a fast food restaurant, who are known to live only once.

The second part of the series presented a gift bag of famous brands. This material is much less familiar to the author, but also brings a philosophical basis for the topic of consumerism society.

It is also interesting that not a single tree in the project is not repeated. It's kind of a "portrait" of trees, which the author met while traveling across the country.

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