Innovative mobile snow shovel

With the onset of cold weather, many people are forced in the morning to clear the roads of snow to get the car out of the garage and drive to work. On the one hand, this event can be regarded as morning exercises, on the other, the snow takes a lot of time and brings no pleasure. Or rather, not brought up to model Snow Wolf — mobile snow shovel equipped with a wheel. Now to remove the snow much easier and more fun.

Unique design makes it possible for one and the same time to remove three times more snow than manually significantly reduces the load on the spine and turns an ordinary event into a game. Comfortable steering wheel will help to guide the shovel in the right direction and, if necessary, to raise it to the desired height.

The design easily folds and can be stored in the corner of the garage and on the wall in limbo. If desired, you can substitute regular snow shovel to a wider nozzle or fixture with an ice pick.

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