About spade (suddenly someone come in handy?)

Often on the PL's, wanting to designate the post, it is worthless, but with a claim to originality startpostera, we use the word "spade", as the extent of their relationship. By the way, it has already begun a holiday and tourist season. Yes, and just go with the family in the evening after work on nature is not a sin. Skewer there sometimes very brief rybalochka. Chop wood, dig up worms. Very often I need a shovel. Where can I take? Simply -with a carry or wear. As you like. The choice - an interesting set of spades. Logos zatёrty. Look, gentlemen, for yourself - if that much. ... There is a program tineye, Google and Yandex. We've got no online store.

19 prints

1. Shovel tourist in a cover. These are the shovels are in the armies belonging to NATO.

2. Shovel-rich, with replaceable tips transformed into a saw, an ax, a hammer, gvozdodёr, shinomontazhku, crowbar and other necessary and useful things.

3. But a shovel advise cottagers, especially those with clay soil or fatty, quite simply - sticky. The cut grooves in shovel or bores prevent sticking of the land and the work is very simplified, becoming uniform of torture, even in some entertainment. And the neighbors are jealous of seeing how fast moving business.

4. And now we will go on a shovel "Archimedes" - as it was called, remembering the great nerd quote: "Give me a fulcrum - and I will move the world." Shovel arranged so that the "flip" (ie dig) acres of land it can be 10 times faster than an ordinary shovel. Inventor - Leonid Filippovich Piskun. If anyone is interested - to search for information more than enough.

5. But this device - both shovel and ax. Yes, and as a weapon of self-defense goes. In my opinion, Yap th she was just a different perspective. However, I could be wrong.

6. But this is very similar to a shovel №2. But this is - is another. Easy that is very versatile and does not take much space. Logo zatёrt. The only thing I can say - made in Yekaterinburg, in the Urals extends to almost reach Moscow, and at train us in Peter especially.

7. And this is a shovel "mole." In the car - an irreplaceable thing. Compact - that's the main thing. Please note - the handle folded as on the knife "butterfly balisong" protecting the cutting edges. Material - hardened stainless steel. There are, of course, a big minus - is the price. Not cheap. But - it is convenient.

8. A very cunning device. Shovel, combined with a pick. Who do we have engaged in treasure, gold mining, or just decided to escape from prison? This is for you. Irreplaceable thing!

9. Craftsmen may still have time to make just such a shovel-harvester. It will help quickly without much fatigue to plant potatoes. If this is done the conventional shovel, here we have to do a great many unnecessary movements: bend over, dig the hole, throw the tuber, cover it with dust. The proposed device integrates all operations. Driving his work is as follows: two handles welded two triangular shovel, which in the closed position reminiscent of the beak. By clicking on it, the shovel is easy to go deep into the ground. Now we need to bring together the handle - "beak" underground revealed. It throws a tuber and pull "disclosure" shovel. This ground cover everything potatoes. However, the people of Kiev can buy it in a simple store for gardeners.

10. But this is for climbers. Or ski-perverts. But still quite funny, but - handy thing. And the snow to dig under the wheels of a vehicle, and on the ass with gorochki down.

11. But this is one of those "be printed, to give a workshop on manufacturing and present the grandfather or father." If anyone old grandmother in the village, and it is necessary to plant potatoes - it will be an indispensable thing. And the very young to help. There are even instructions for use and manufacture.

12. But it came with a shovel employee uniforms avalanche-rescue service. Carbon fiber, titanium, weight ... Absolutely no weight to say. This strength - extraordinary. Yes, and very compact.

13. Another car-harvester shovel. By drawing and so everything is clear.

14. Shovel metric. My opinion - created some dull inventor loser. Or a pervert. As if there is no roulette.

15. This - design a shovel. Joke-a gift for any anniversary, celebrated in the country. Practical - no, but for a good toast with a gift - just ...

16. Another perversion on the topic of snow shovels. Well - to whom what is necessary, and basically something ...

17. Not as a call to terrorism and not to give, of course, but as a curiosity war. Shovel-grenade. Sometimes it happens.

18. Shovel baking. Well, as you like. Personally, we have a shovel in the country with holes for cleaning wet snow, but one lower, since such a child, we smelt and smelt in rivulets dragged. That's the same time has come. No smelt or smelt. But beer - even drown. Always something missing for complete happiness.

19. Well, the - the last. Shovel - podpolnik. He is placed on the stalk like a shovel or hoe, only smaller in diameter. You take a sapling in your hand and move back and forth. A double-edged blade cuts the weeds, capturing part of the root. Sold in stores where the garden tools.



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