Found the hardest material in the world

Found the hardest material in the world is a linear form of carbon, carbyne. Karbin already knew before scientists, but for a long time not studied it; and now it turned out that it is 3 times harder and a little firmer in comparison to nearby materials.

The material found in cosmic dust and meteorites; in addition, the experiments found out that it is incredibly difficult to synthesize. New properties of carbyne was opened by the scientists of rice University, but their research is not yet accepted for publication.

For the first time about the possibility of the existence of carbyne stated in the works of Soviet chemists of Korshak, Sladkova, Kasatochkin and Kudryavtseva. Their experience in 1967 was challenged in 15 years, American scientists, but after that the carbyne was found in some terrestrial carbon material and interstellar space. Until recently, the solid material was graphene and diamond; the degree of hardness to them also approached nanotubes.

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