Looks like Mars from the height of bird flight?

Owned by the European space Agency device "Mars Express" spinning in orbit around the red planet for nearly 10 years, since December 2003.

During this time he was able to go around Mars 12,5 thousand times and shoot a great many photos from the surface. To celebrate the anniversary (and it's first mission was planned to end in 2005!), the engineers of the German centre for air and space has made a three-dimensional visualization of flying over Mars.

It would seem that such 3D video as many times as you want, but the fact that the surface of the planet in hundreds of millions of miles from Earth that nobody can see, still mesmerizing. And, by the way, impressive soundtrack written by an engineer from the Department of cartography "Mars Express".

We remind you that on Mars, supervolcanoes found ten times more powerful than earth's.

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