Tuareg and matriarchy

The way of life of the mysterious Tuareg people is different from other African tribes, especially the dominant role of women. Tuareg women have se * sualnoy freedom before marriage are free to have as much of * ovyh partners as you want. Women involved in the division of property in case of divorce, and go with open faces, in contrast to men, who have a lifetime to wear hats covering the face of indigo. In essence, the people of the Tuareg women have more rights than a citizen in many Western countries, but soon their situation could rapidly deteriorate due to the worsening of radical Islamist sentiment in the region.

Women in the Tuareg community in high esteem. They own cattle and housing.

After the divorce, the children usually stay with their mother. This picture was taken in December 1967.

Nowadays, most of the Tuareg people practice Islam.

Tuareg consider their semi-legendary ancestor of queen Tin Heenan, who lived in the 4th century.

Tuareg nomads more than 1,000 years, the Sahara, driving camels to new pastures.

Touareg tagelmuste traditional indigo.

Tuareg women can not participate in political life, but their opinion is highly valued by men who are willing to consult with their wives or mothers.

Tuareg nomad tent near where small children play. Tent mother's leader - the heart of the community.

Before marriage Tuareg women can have as much lo * sualnyh partners as they wish, subject to strict rules for the protection of privacy. This means that a man must drive up to the tent after dark, and leave it to sunrise.

The marriage does not deprive women of independence. The housing remains their property and livestock.

* During the period of maturation ovogo men begin to wear headscarves covering the face. They do not show the face of the elders, and the majority of women. The exception is their wife or lover ...

Men traditionally are part of the women's community, and not vice versa. This means that the central tent in the community considered the mother of the leader.

Tuareg women in Niger. In Tuareg society, there is a division into higher and lower castes.

Tuareg woman at a music festival in 2003. In his youth, in love with each other often write beautiful poetry.

After the divorce, the woman goes to the tent, and all property, including livestock, due to which the tribe survives.

For the Tuareg men have considered a disgrace in the presence of his mother-who is highly respected.

Africa is home to more than a million suspected Tuareg, divided into many tribes.

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