57 facts about Morocco

1. Morocco love their king Mohammed VI. "We know that he steals, build palaces, but we are still very fond of him, because he stopped the war, and we can work in peace and understanding in the world" - say local.

2. Portraits of King Mohammed VI and his father Mohammed Fifth hang in every shop, cafe and store - and it's not a cult, but a real genuine love.

3. The capital of Morocco is Rabat, Marrakech and not, as many people think.

4. The national currency dirham against the dollar 7 MaD = 1 USD, the euro 10 MaD = 1 EUR.

5. Moroccan dirhams - one of the most stable currencies in the world against the dollar.

6. When it comes to the new king - I was drawing on the banknotes. Instead of a portrait of former King put a new portrait. Or both at once.

7. Population Morrocco are Arabs (about 60%) and Berber (40%). A small number of blacks (Tuareg, Malians, etc..)

8. The word comes from the Berber word of French "barbarians».

9. According to ancient tradition, men Tuareg obliged to hide his face. If you saw the face of an adult Tuareg - aware that he must kill you, otherwise, he kills himself. It is clear that this tradition is not respected.

10. Many children learn the Quran with 5 to 12 years.

11. The prayer room is on every gas station and train station.

12. The second language after Arabic in Morocco - French.

13. In addition, many speak the Berber language, whose writing is almost lost.

14. The Berbers and the Arabs - casino dealers. If you buy the item for the price offer first - the pleasure of the transaction is not got nobody. Boldly, brazenly and cold-bloodedly shoot down the price of 5 or even 10 times. Always call a price lower than the one you would like to pay.

15. A good way to get rid of pristavuchih "helpers" - start chattering in a strange language they can, for example, in Russian.

16. In the markets in big cities some traders know Russian numerals and the word "Humpty Dumpty».

17. Europeans to get to Morocco, you need only fill out a migration card.

18. Moroccans is to get into Europe, have to wait several months to fill a lot of questionnaires, be interviewed and so forth. The principle of reciprocity in diplomacy does not work here.

19. In large tourist cities, local whites perceive as the bags of money and do everything to make them.

20. Far from the tourist routes locals do not care about tourists.

21. The most interesting places in Morocco - exactly where tourists do not go.

22. No one really can not explain why the Moroccans, especially women wearing the hijab does not like to be photographed. According to one version, they are afraid of the photos with them make cards. Another version is due to their illiteracy (many girls marry early leave without receiving even a primary education), and the camera to them - Satan-machine, which is able to restore damage or the evil eye. In any case, it is necessary to respect their request and not to take photos, if they asked them not to shoot.

23. Moroccans and strive to help when they do not ask for, and then beg for money for it.

24. At the beaten tourist routes very developed exchange Berber souvenirs to clothing, equipment, electronics.

25. I managed not to exchange and sell for money Berbera your old sneakers. Ie I did not give the money, and I paid the local Berbers.

26. My catchphrase in the transaction - "Well, your taken, but I want vooon that little keepsake from you».

27. If you bought a leather goods in Morocco - do not be surprised of its odor. Just before it was produced, the skin soaked in horse urine in the tanning town of Fez.

28. Shawarma in Moscow preparing for a similar technology in Morocco. Only in Morocco turns out tasty and two times cheaper.

29. In general, prices in Morocco are not very different from the Russian. For example, dates are the same as in Moscow. Perhaps such prices only for foreigners.

30. Collection of dates - a difficult and dangerous. The height of the trees can be up to 20 meters, and there were cases of peasants from falling trees.

31. In the oasis of palm trees fall honey dates a little more than a yellow Kinder egg surprise.

32. Color of Moroccan homes matches the color of the soil, on which stand.

33. On the territory of Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains is Mount Jebel Toubkal (4165 m) - the highest point of the Sahara and North Africa.

34. Since the end of December to mid-February in Morocco, you can go skiing.

35. "Berber whiskey" - a strongly brewed green tea with mint and sugar briquette. It is usually drunk from eastern teapots and stacks. Pour "long" tea.

36. Some Berbers use wine. The driver of the jeep "Defender", Berber, boasted to me that he had a strong body and he can thump to fly at night, and then as a cucumber. And he says, have a drink, "Berber whiskey" - and you will fly all day. What I said to him: "Come to Russia, drink a glass of vodka and you can not get up for two days».

37. Desert wells made of concrete by hand.

38. Water from wells in the desert - warm, with sandy taste.

39. Middle-dromedary camel (humped) worth 1,000 euros.

40. In Morocco, full of Mercedes S-Class 1980. They are used as taxis.

41. Most of the cars drive on diesel fuel.

42. In the taxi made to sit six people, not including the driver. Two people in the front passenger seat, and four behind.

43. Mopeds are very common in Morocco. One can easily ride a moped family of husband, wife and two great kids. Well, some cargo.

44. Women wear layered clothing - so it is not hot in that climate. Often the outer layer is black.

45. Polygamy can afford only wealthy men. I have not met a single with two or more wives.

46. ​​A taxi driver told me, "I'm sorry for such a tactless question ... Why did Putin at war with Chechnya? Because they are Muslims, yes? »

47. When in Morocco hear the word "Russia" immediately say, "Oh, Vladimir Putin!»

48. At the traffic lights in cities all bibikayut just.

49. Hardly anyone wants to hurt you, your horn. Rather, it means "Hello, how are you", "Aegeus, I go!", "Come in, please!", "Peace be with you, brother!", Well, or something like that.

50. The drivers never get nervous behind the wheel (I have not seen any).

51. Moroccan boys handle the ball better than our football team.

52. Football - one of the most hotly debated topics in Morocco.

53. In Morocco, the Mexican soap operas translated into Arabic and played on television. They look mostly men.

54. Beggars come to the place of work by taxi.

55. In Casablanca, the poor favela coexist with white palaces.

56. Rich House enclose thick fences and concrete on top were frozen shards of bottles - pohlesche barbed wire.

57. "Allahu Akbar!" Translated means "God is great." "Inshallah" - "All the will of the Creator." "Assalyamuaelekum!" - "Peace to your home."


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