Beauty Morocco

It is a state in north-western Africa, in recent years increasingly attracted the attention of tourists. In addition to low prices and attractive climate, Morocco stands still and distinctive flavor.

Whatever you say, but slightly boring Turkey and Egypt too quickly become boring. Therefore, the desire to spend a holiday in Morocco can be considered quite natural desire, if you want to see something new without the possibility of comparison. Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez, Agadir - all these cities are unique and unrepeatable.


In addition, it is worth to take into account the factor of changing climate, while advancing inland. That is to say, having been in the same country, you have the perfect opportunity to feel the warmth of the subtropics, breathe fresh breath of the Atlantic, check yourself for strength in the mountains, or the endless desert sands. Agree, this natural diversity is not specific to each country.




Special attention deserves the culture in Morocco. For centuries, Moroccans like a sponge soaking up the best of the Europeans, the nomads and Muslims. Cities, painted in a single color, culture drinks and food, historical monuments and architectural wonders - here you will find everything.


Where to start studying this unusual edge? If you start familiarizing yourself unusually unknown culture, and this can lead to unexpected mishaps, you should pay attention to the travel agencies. Fortunately, now offers a huge amount.


In our subjective opinion, you can start with a trip to Casablanca. The city with the most developed infrastructure, is very similar to the European and is located on the Atlantic coast. From here, you can pretty easily get to the main attractions of the country.


Ten-day tours in Morocco, it will allow you to form your own opinion about this unusual country and cause a desire necessarily come back again and again.


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