100 facts about Algeria through the eyes of Russians

Writes LJ Blogersha evgenyastasaid:

1. Until recently, Algeria was the second largest country in Africa, but due to the division of Sudan into North and South - Hurrah comrades! Algeria - the largest country in Africa! In addition, it ranks 11th in the world in size among other countries.

2. 80% of the country is occupied by Her Majesty the Sahara desert.

3. Algeria has the longest coastline among the countries of the Maghreb - 988 km.

4. in medieval France wax imported from Algeria.

5. The Arabs say the Maghreb - a bird, right wing which Tunisia, the left wing - Morocco and the bird's body - Algeria.

6. In Algeria, there is a natural lake, filled with ink, which can be used for writing.

7. Algeria - a country unique in its climatic characteristics and nature, there is also the desert, mountains and lakes, and the sea, and a variety of woods. In Algeria, the summer is +50 (sugar), and in winter in some cities it is snowing.

8. Algerians kiss when they met only an even number of times, usually 2 or 4.

9. The famous designer Yves Saint Laurent was born in Algeria.

10. The word "Algeria" means "island».

11. Scientists in Algeria found that for high-quality water purification from non-natural dyes suitable available product such as orange. Rather, its crust.

12. Algeria (capital) - city-staircase, as it is located on the hills and everywhere lots of small and big stairs.

13. The indigenous people of Algeria - people who speak Berber dialects, and the Arabs - just conquerors.

14. In the 16-17 centuries, Algeria was the country corsairs (pirates), the most famous of which Barbarossa, was the ruler of Algeria.

15. Algerian men love women in the body, so before the girl reaches marriageable age were sent to special homes for fattening.

16. Algerians speak a mixture of Arabic and French languages, the Berber language most Arabs do not understand.

17. In Algeria 7 World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

18. Algerians love and eat incredible amounts of baguettes (a legacy of French colonial times).

19. In Algeria grow truffles white sand. These mushrooms are considered relict fungi great African Sahara desert. Taste mushrooms stunning!

20. In Algeria, there is no Orthodox Church, the last was closed because of the almost complete absence of the parish.

21. Notre Dame de Africa in Algeria (Notre Dame d'Afrique) is a mirror image of the sea through the Notre Dame Cathedral in Marseilles. Under the dome of the Cathedral of the Algerian written: "Our Lady of Africa, pray for us and for the Muslims».

22. War of Algeria is forbidden by law to marry foreign women.

23. Algiers metro was built by Russian and Ukrainian experts.

24. symbol of Algeria - Monument to fallen soldiers - was presented by Canada.

25. When demining Algeria after the victory over the French colonization killed 25 Russian soldiers.

26. In Algeria, there are strong earthquakes.

27. on Algerian state number of the car in front of a white color, and the back - yellow.

28. In the evening, when approaching a police or gendarmerie post Algerians include light in the car (it started from the time of terrorism).

29. Hamoud Boualem Algerian drink - lemonade, which taste similar to American sprite, but appeared before the sprite.

30. In Algeria, there is no McDonald's.

31. Sushi in Algeria appeared only a year ago.

32. In Algeria, the cost of gasoline unrealistically low, so even the poorest family rides on old French and Italian cars. All public gas stations.

33. , President Bouteflika of Algeria Abdelazis in power for 12 years.

34. Mahhumed Deeb - best known in the West Algerian writer.

35. The price of bread in Algeria - 8 dinars (100 dinars = 1 euro), and the price does not change for a long time, as the government for many years to keep the prices of basic foodstuffs.

36. In Algeria 2 national soup: shorba hrira and, depending on the region they are prepared differently.

37. Algeria produces almost all food in the country, and if the stop supply of foreign goods, the Algerians will not die of hunger because they have their counterparts all.

38. The Algerians are very good people, they have long since forgiven the French colonizers.

39. In Algeria, three mobile operators: Mobilis, Nedjma and Jezzie.

40. Cheb Mami and Khaled - Algerian singer is the first to record a duet with Sting famous song Desert Rose, the second singer of the famous song Aisha.

41. The Russian military academies studying future Algerian tankers, pilots, and so on. d.

42. In Algeria, supermarkets do not sell alcohol, there are special shops.

43. You can not live a man and woman in a hotel room Algeria if they are not married. Exception - the Berber region of Kabylia.

44. In Algeria grow bananas, but they are small and barely sweet.

45. In Algeria, there is no state of central heating, as in Russia, homes are heated by its own heating system, it can be switched on and off at will.

46. In Algeria there bakeries, bread and pastries baked in bakeries in the stores.

47. is the most valuable couscous made by hand.

48. Algerians hate Egyptians, Tunisians and Algerians.

49. Soccer in Algeria - a national madness.

50. The land border between Morocco and Algeria is closed, this is due to the different views on the question of Western Sahara and the possibility of penetration of drugs to the territory of Morocco. Every year, Algeria, Morocco offered to open the border, and each year the countries can not agree among themselves.

< 51. USSR built a metallurgical plant in Algeria, it is still in effect, but it belongs to India.

52. The Chinese arrived in Africa :)

53. In Algeria never circumcised girls! And I've recently read on the Internet is.

54. In Algeria, full of Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians.

55. Algerian walnuts oblong, not round.

56. In Algeria, there is buckwheat, but there is herring.

57. The Algerians did not give each other birthday presents, but paid dinner and a birthday cake.

58. Another myth - is the fact that the graves do not write the names and break the earthen vessel. Names written, the vessel did not break, but taking pictures is prohibited.

59. Algeria - the richest country on oil and gas.

60. In Algeria, there are companies that produce low cost of paper out of the grass.

61. Algerian do not care what the stone in the ring, as long as more and shone.

62. In Algeria, only 5 TV channels and all the houses are covered with satellite dishes.

63. In Algeria, the most delicious pizza in the world (Italy nervously smokes on the sidelines).

64. in Algeria is not allowed to have 4 wives, but in practice it has long been in the past.

65. The national airline of Algeria AirAlgeria, operates direct flight from Moscow, travel time 4:00 50 min.

66. visa to Algeria can be obtained only at the invitation of the Algerian citizen or company, almost a tourist visa is not granted, it is still an echo of times of terrorism. Although, if you try, you can find a travel agency and travel.

67. The women on the streets in Algeria do not smoke, it is indecent, but it is possible in a car or restaurant.

68. According to my observations, the Algerians only smoke Marlboro Red.

69. Most alzhirok works.

70. Lift - a rare phenomenon for a residential building in Algeria (due to earthquakes), go to any floor walk.

71. Algerian bride during wedding dresses changed to 12.

72. In Algeria, there is almost no traffic, mostly circular motion and police-traffic controllers, but unlike the Egyptians, Algerians almost always go by the rules. Give bribes for violation of unrealistic, police pay very well, the right to deprive the very least 3 months for the slightest breach.

73. After graduation Algerian children must pass an exam, which is also the entrance to the university, each profession has a number of points. If, for example, scored 50 points to Law, then there do not shine, or to retake the next year. In short, in the last class can sit until you're blue, rarely passes the exam on the first try, but without it you can not go to university.

74. In all Algerian homes on the floor tiles, the house love to decorate with artificial flowers.

75. Zinedine Zidane, French soccer player with roots in Algeria, and he by nationality - Kabila. For the national team of Algeria, he had never played, as at the time the Algerians did not take him to the team.

76. In Algeria, there are diesel submarines.

77. guests in Algeria served dates and a glass of milk - a tradition.

78. With the Algerian wedding you're sure to take home a box of cakes.

79. of Algeria in fact, one of the youngest states - it is just 50 years old.

80. The Russian and Algerian official documents are valid on the territory of the 2 countries.

81. In Algeria 2 Consulate of the Russian Federation, in the capital and the city of Annaba.

82. Algerian chocolate tasteless.

83. The beach season lasts in Algeria from late May to October.

84. Algerian witchcraft is considered one of the strongest in the world (especially in the area of ​​the Sahara).

85. Before opening your doctor's office, the doctor in Algeria should work for about 7 years in a public hospital.

86. In Algeria, there is no practice to put a pregnant woman to the hospital to save, most frequently prescribed medication and sent home lie.

87. In Algeria, very fond of children, they are worn on the streets from morning to evening, and if you go with the baby, then return home with a package of candy and small presents different from the passers-by and shopkeepers. Even a complete stranger can kiss your child - this is quite normal for Algeria.

88. Tassili - one of the most stunning locations in Algeria, where the ancient cave paintings found, saying that the Sahara was not always a desert.

89. Algeria is part of the League of Arab States.

90. In the past year were the days of Algeria in Moscow.

91. 136 airports in Algeria.

92. 1, 2, 3 Vive Algeria! - Algerian favorite chants.

93. «The Battle of Algiers" - one of the most famous films made about this country.

94. In Algeria, the law prohibiting the free exchange of national currency into dollars or euros. Algerians can legally change the year of $ 300, in the rest of the time it is done on the black market, but at such a breach the police turned a blind eye. The same law is in Morocco.

95. Algerians - people are hot and explosive.

96. Hmar by Algerian "donkey" - one of the most offensive name-calling in Algeria.

97. Bagram - "cow" -the same thing as the previous point, but for the women.

98. In Algeria, the winter is 2 hours ahead of Moscow, and in the summer - 3 hours.

99. In Algeria, a young family can get a free apartment from the state in 3-5 years, if you need faster, you need to prepare a draft apartments +7 thousand dollars and the government will build it for 2 years, taking the remaining costs to myself. For similar projects in Algeria build a house in the 4th floor with 2 entrances, 2 apartments on each floor.

100. In Algeria, a greater number of streets and the French and the official Arabic name - a terrible mess!

101. In Algeria, a woman may divorce easily, keep the child after divorce, receive alimony from her former husband.

102. Algerians - excellent fathers, but - useless Algerian mother (from the Russian point of view).

103. Once you see the city of Algiers, the white city by the sea in blue, you will never forget!

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