Zhitomir - Kiev trophy.

Got my eye this morning poster «Camel trophy», remembered.
1991, the end of October. Two friends traveling from Kiev to Ternopil for her office. The vehicle - "Moskvich 412", if anyone remembers that. Notable trough.
Pulled away from Kiev to 200 kilometers that way, the driver tries to light a cigarette. The driver is not very experienced. The passenger experience even less. Ash falls on the driver's pants, he throws the wheel and begins to violently shake the ashes. The machine starts to go right. Passenger heart-rending cries out: "Cuvette !!!". The steering wheel sharply to the left is inverted, the machine goes into the left ditch filled up and over the roof and both sides Sanov yet again on the wheel.
Well, that - out - look. Windshield gone, easy bruising entire body, but - goes. Unbent mount wings to the wheels do not cling, turned - and home. Where else in this form?
Late in October, it's spitting rain, wind bracing, two friends in his pepelats like the Tuareg of the most eye scarves are wrapped - beauty.
Passing Zhitomir. See a girl's voice on the streets. Our macho thruster to it. The girl, like a ghost, is dissolved in the nearest doorway.
They're coming on. Away from his pocket a public transport bus, having driven into a puddle of muddy wave riders effusions. The ride is even more fun.
After about five hours, setting a passing record for passage of a line, get the same strangers home. The guard in the parking lot when he saw the arrival of the ship, almost falls from his perch. And then, everything is catching up car traffic police. It is interesting to them, you know, it was, where it came in such a way to follow.
Well, they tell gaytsam route, they called back to Zhitomir (and there it is also known), neighing, and released. What else?
Yes, actually, all. Except for one little thing. Fate sometimes throws us signs and different labels. So. The driver of the car repair shop pepelatsa holds today. In Miami. And indeed. A man who knows how but just to be on the move "Moskvich", with the rest in this life, and even more so with a normal repair techniques to cope without straining.


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