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Launched a unique expedition amphibious vehicle on the Kolyma - follows the adventures of the year!

July 1 in Yakutsk started expedition "Shintop Trophy 2010: From the Pacific to the Arctic" - adventure adventurous off-road amphibious route "Yakutsk- Seymchan- Ambarchik».
Say, what's so surprising? Land Rovers "Neyshnl Geographic" and not in such a jungle traveled !!!
We dare to assure skeptics that, in this case: - You are wrong !!!

The thing is that, for the first time in the world, 1,500 kilometers off-road amphibious will "swim" in the great Russian river Kolyma !!!
... A bit of history. In 2008, the eyes of members of the Far East club "Shintop Trophy" has got a message about the British crew, successfully overcame the Bering Strait to the amphibious vehicle. This fact was a powerful stimulus for club members - What we are worse than the Britons? And what Russian does not like fast swimming in the SUV?
Virus creation was successfully planted, ideological ferment began in 2009 under the leadership known for his creativity and enthusiasm, the head of the club "Shintop Trophy" - Alexander Holyanovym, established the first amphibious off-road vehicle on the basis of «Toyota Hilux».
Firstborn bore a truly Russian Far East features - had considerable buoyancy and assembled from readily available materials, was quite simple - comfort and "Western" features - detrimental to the Russian human

After the successful test of water in the Sea of ​​Japan in the summer of 2009: the idea was born to an unprecedented alloy cold and choppy waters of the Kolyma River.
In this case, the choice of the Kolyma was not accidental - except sports complexity of the route, include cognitive interest: where else can you see such beauty northern and get acquainted with the manners and way of life of northern peoples. His hands touched the stones of abandoned villages and will touch to the eternal memory of the prisoners of the Kolyma camps of the Gulag.
Far East daring idea has received considerable attention among motorists, extreme and its participation in this ambitious project said crews Novosibirsk and Omsk.
Thus, on July 1, 2010 in Yakutsk started immediately 3 amphibious off-road vehicle:
Schooner "Avos" - Novosibirsk crew under the direction of the honored traveler of Russia Igor Kulikov:

"Nautilus" - Omsk crew led by Alexander Chertkov:

"Swift" - Seaside crew led by Artem Kanivtsa.

(Stages of preparation for the expedition amphibians reflected on the page)
Moreover expedition "Shintop Trophy 2010: From the Pacific to the Arctic" is registered in the Russian Committee for the registration records of the Planet and has the potential to set a national record of Russia as the biggest event of the "mixed", "auto-motorboat" format and get into the international Guinness Book of Records.
A tentative schedule of the expedition:
1.Start from Yakutsk: 01.07.2010
3.Dostizhenie start point of the water Expeditions: 03.07.2010
4.Start water part of the Expedition: 04.07.2010
5.Pribytie the village Zyrianka: 10.07.2010
6.Dostizhenie village Srednekolymsk: 16.07.2010
7.Dostizhenie village Nizhnekolymsk: 21.07.2010
8.Zavershenie Expeditions: 21.07.2010
9.Evakuatsiya participants maritime and air transport: 22-25.07.2010
At this point, crews started from Yakutsk and sent to the start point of the water expedition.
The general management of the expedition will be carried out with the support of the raft, which also will house a galley, a medical center and a supply of fuel. As the alloy on the Kolyma, in paragraphs connect to the Internet, the blog of the expedition will be posted photos and video information about the event.
Keep in the "on-line" for a significant event in the world "extreme" !!! After all, no one is guaranteed success - who knows what "surprises" prepared Kolyma baker's dozen travelers, adventurers, among them one woman, and how to behave in terms of amphibian long voyage.
For its part, let's wish "avos", "Nautilus" and "rapidly" to overcome all difficulties and reach the waters of the Arctic Ocean.
For details of the progress of the expedition and other interesting facts are presented on the website dedicated to the expedition "Shintop Trophy 2010: From the Pacific to the Arctic».
Video material expedition "Shintop Trophy 2010" you can see from the following link:


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