Best photos XX-XXI century

Winners of World Press Photo 1955 - 2006 period. Best photos 2 half of XX century.

Lucian Perkins / The Washington Post, USA.
May 1995. Chechnya.
A young boy looks out from a bus loaded with refugees who fled from the epicenter of the war between Chechen separatists and Russian, near Shali, Chechnya. Bus returns to Grozny.

Mogens von Haven, Denmark.
August 28, 1955.
Cup of Motorsport for the track Volk Molle in Denmark.

Helmut Pirath, Germany.
1956, East Germany.
Daughter meets a German World War II prisoner released by the Soviet Union to freedom.

Douglas Martin / AP, USA.
September 4, 1956.
Dorothy Counts, one of the first black students, goes to college.


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