Shock! Jeeps are floating on the Kolyma!

These guys - these fools! Made of amphibians and jeeps arrived at Kolyma right up to the Arctic - 5000 km.! A place there - a full plate ... I recommend.

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In July 2010, a team of 13 people for 3 cars - amphibians covered the distance of about 5 000 km. to the source of the River Kolyma through the infamous "Kolyma path." After that - came in the "water" mode to the shore of the Arctic Ocean - a further 2 000 km. - River Kolyma!

Expedition "Shintop Trophy" 2010 - crew amphibian "Nautilus" - while still in the "land" mode

Expedition at full strength in the upper "Kolyma" - "Rush» (Toyota Hilux), "Avos» (Toyota Hilux), Nautilus (UAZ - "loaf"), Raft support.

Ice on a hot day - for lovers of cool cocktails. On toryne "Kyubeme" - uncompromising winter even in July!

Procedure Nautilus evolution: from land to waterfowl

Raft Support - filling in Zyryanka

"Interior" on a raft support team

Los underwater ordinary. Stir in cruise mode.

"Avos" - hard to believe that it was to rework the pickup "Hilux» -

Beautiful place Kolyma - "Kolyma Poles»

Severe hiking weekdays - sashimi from freshly caught grayling under the diluted alcohol.

The dead and abandoned villages - the sad sights on the route

Convict Camp "Lazo" from the outside. Buildings processing units. Conveyor

Entrance to the mine in the camp of the Gulag "Lazo". On the street mid-July

Pure Sulphur - a product of extraction of prisoners in deadly Gulag "Lazo»

Bear tracks everywhere. Behind rustle left howling. We are on foreign soil! All to be alert!

Then you will not understand - what villages abandoned and which are not. Another "dead" town on the way the team "Shintop Trophy." What you do not Pripyat?

The settlement "End of the Line" is hopelessly dead - people here do not have 5 years -

The full moon in the headwaters of the Kolyma ... lacks only the howling of werewolves Oooo!

Here it is - the long-awaited item. Ambarchik! This - is the shore of the Arctic Ocean.

For all of our Expedition Chukchi children - just a holiday!

"Available" essentials on the counter of a shop on the North

Insulate pipes deer fur - forced necessity!

There was a deer ... and there's a deer! Fish and meat - the main diet year-round.

Trendy "iPods" are not available for children of northern regions

Hitler was in Soviet Antarctic! Physical evidence. Barrel "Wehrmacht" and 1943 release.

Carved still zekami glacier used. Ambarchik. Minus 10, even in summer.

Team "Shintop Trophy" at the end point - n. Ambarchik!

Awards to participants of the expedition. Set a national record. Nominated in the Guinness Book of Records. Do not trust?

"In the footsteps of Suvorov" - the next project team "Shintop Trophy." Traveling on mopeds and ATV route Suvorov's army for everyone! You're not weak join?

World Tour on the amphibious vehicle. No ships and planes! His progress through the oceans! Whether the topic, follow the journey of the team "Shintop Trophy", communicate with participants ... and who knows, maybe you will become the heart of the team in the next expedition to Antarctica?


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