Lamps made from coconuts, creating patterns on the walls

Designer Vainius Kubilius (Vainius Kubilius) makes lamps from coconuts that can be projected on the walls of exotic patterns. On the creation of his first lamp Kubilius has spent as much as 9 months, but since then he has significantly improved his technique, and now for the manufacture of the lamp takes only a few days. According to the master, the most difficult to design a ceiling, because not all the same patterns look good on the wall. Kubilius chooses biggest coconut as possible rounded, cleans and polishes coconut fiber shell with wax to make it smooth and shiny. Then the master is doing in the nut hole diameter of 2 cm, and with a knife he took from the whole pulp. Completing work on the canopy, Kubilius drills small holes in the shell, which make up the pattern. Designer sells its products under the brand Nymphs.


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