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& Quot; ... Indigo children - the children of the New Age & quot;
Nancy Ann Tappe clairvoyant

 - Dad, are you afraid of Cheburashka - seven year old Sveta comfortably settled on my lap and continued to whisper in his ear - he came like, never goes out of the closet ... you scared ...

 - Mm-m, - the announcer enthusiastically talked about the unexpected fall of the dollar, and I could not devote enough issue Cheburashkina phobias - and I'm not scary, I do a great friend and crocodiles cheburashek gene - I muttered to second off the screen - Princess, go poygrat another twenty minutes - rather sleep and school tomorrow - I gently put off twenty pounds fortune from her knees and sank during the next review of the decay of the West.

Sveta galloped to his room and there donёsssya ringing toy dishes, poured out of the bag.

That night I slept badly. Imagining a falling dollar, in stretchy slumber I dreamed dismissal, in general, a full kavardak and tumult; No wonder Professor Preobrazhensky Bormental advised doctors not to read the newspapers, I suppose, this advice should be extended to the TV.

At half past five I proshlёpal the kitchen to freshen up the interior of the sleepy breath of cold juice.
Half-closed kitchen door made its way nozhidannaya strip light.
I quietly looked into schёlku and saw that the fridge slightly open and his bowels climbed a creature the size of a dog of medium size. Sticking out only the rear part of the adversary - short legs and a tiny tail.

 - The one-and-a-a-a! - I said sternly and turned the overhead light.

The fridge is something plaintive trenknulo, heard puffing and appeared before me ... Cheburashka. The real real Cheburashka! Huge ears, covered with short brown fur, guiltily swayed from side to side faces, resembling lemurs.

 - Oh, hello, - said shyly guest - and here I was so hungry ... and a little bit - he spread his legs. - You're not angry?

Actually my visual representation of Cheburashka built of vision (and time) in childhood cartoons. Cheburashka live somewhat different from what I imagined it, "my" version, for example, was without express masculine details.

Later in the morning we started the debriefing.
I, my wife, and she asks ... Cheburashka sat in a large room and talked.

 - Svetlanochka - excitedly said wife - Please tell mom where we wound up ... this beast - the word "beast" Cheburashka looked down.
 - I do not know, Mom, - looking at the floor, muttered my daughter - it was not, was not, was not and then he was ....

 - Do not lie! - In the voice of his wife slipped hysterical - who gave you this toy? A? Well, tell mama where you found it - manicured finger rested in Cheburashka, which seemed to me, I wanted to disappear, - well, Svetlana, speak! - Sometimes (but quite often), my wife reminded me of the severe evil inquirer NKVD.

Realizing that our tandem I prepared for the role of the investigator-good man, I'm the approaches on the other strony.

 - Princess, well, because if you find him or took someone to play - I started a sweet voice - something that other girl upset will cry ...
 - No! - Svetka eyes filled with tears, - honestly, I invented it myself ... and it was.
 - Oh-oh-oh-oh! - Monumental said in part, my wife, just as a funny Brezhnev began to "read" to slip him a piece of paper with the Olympic rings on top.

 - Why you do not believe me! - Through tears cried docha - I tell the truth, I had imagined prdstavlyala and represented, and he suddenly became ... s-s-s-s, - I am very bad bear Svetka crying, so I took her in my arms and comforted, - well, princess, well ... And no more of those, well, cartoons ... uh ... do not show up?

 - It's your education - angry wife arose in the pose of the national prosecutor - in school today do not walk, I measure the temperature, and I have no time ...

And she went, and we stayed. I, Sveta and Cheburashka; it is, in my opinion, seeing our conflicts, generally become less growth and folded ears on similarity butterfly wings.

 - Well, - I waved a hand - go play ...

Two small figures slipped off the couch and quickly disappeared into the nursery. And I went to the balcony, lit a cigarette and tried to build a chain of all the facts.

So, I thought, suppose that due to some gene mutations (what? What kind of nonsense!) Or something else such a mysterious and incomprehensible, my daughter can make her fantasy material. What follows from this?

First, naturally, no publicity, yet not enough to hand over his daughter to a laboratory for experiments or to the political needs of scoundrels. From which it follows, secondly, whether she asks materializiovat not only cartoon characters, but also gold, oil, etc., of value among us humans. And then it follows from the third - whether it is limited to one Cheburashka? Do not rush into our reality all read or heard the child? Is it possible to monitor the materialization optional ...

It occurred to me long ago read the story "Monday begins on Saturday", there are also some fantastic characters made flesh. But there was armed with a whole institution and not a little girl with psychic powers.
Throwing goby balcony neighbor, harmful grandmother Jana, I went back to the apartment.

From Svetkin room could hear voices. To calls Dochkin voice mingled murmur Cheburashka. Here in my head I got a horrible thought - what if my daughter starts naive kind represent one of the many Simons or other good fellows? According to the folklore of many of them were "fools" and god knows what mean national storytellers, inventing their heroes. And Ivan the fool I can be difficult to handle ... I have many years as not encountered such individuals in open combat ...

Do not delay, I opened the nursery door. Sveta bent over a box with dice and got out there, wooden, brightly painted, wedges, and sitting next Cheburashka (I dislike drew attention to the signs of his courage, though covered with fur, but quite clearly), the tower-like collecting something.

 - So, Svetlana and uh ... uh ... - well, I could not call Cheburashka Cheburashka, despite the fact that he was alive was sitting right here and now - in our apartment without panties do not go - I looked expressively at Cheburashkin segment - then Svetsik, you understand that we small apartment and we can not afford ...

Under the bed, something rustled, and then there came a sneeze and me got out of Pinocchio.

 - Prrrrivet - wooden doll, rattling limbs, climbed on the table, and fun Well here at you, I see - despite the old joke that the Central Asians Pinocchio, as Carlo hewed out his lumps, a fantasy A. Tolstoy and my daughter expressed himself correctly in Russian without an accent.

 - Fire-Fly, Come on let's go talk - I looked up at the small arms and carried her fantazёrku in the living room, closing the door firmly into the room with the rest of the visitors there.

 - Docha - I was not only serious, but also a convincing, as I can - you should stop revive those whom chitaesh. And suddenly you are "invited" to us some monster - to mind except Baba Yaga did not climbed, but she just did not use in modern Svetka Sincerely, - suddenly you invite us to the stranger? Remember, in the "alien"? - Svetlana was forbidden to watch these movies, but a piece of it is still seen.

The eyes of the girls have increased in size.
 - No, Dad, what are you, - she asked - I can receive only those whom I love ...
I realized that my dreams of emerging a bundle of money was not to be. Okay, may be able to establish the manufacture of chocolate.
 - Listen, Light - I carefully chose his words - I understand - what you "their" idea, so "they" and appear. Little other than to represent them in the childhood I ...
 - Dad, you old so - tactfully noticed she asks.
 - Well, well, old - I did not give myself to be involved in this discussion - but why Cheburashka ... uh ... uh ... - I frantically picking the right word - well, he pisya boys?
 - And what is he supposed to be? - Reasonably noticed daughter - I imagined him.
 - Okay, let's leave, but he put on pants - I sighed. In my time we did not think about such subtleties.
 - Svetlana - I said the official, "Dad" voice - I forbid you to invite someone else. Remember.

Pouting child wanted to protest, but then came out of her room extraneous sound and something crashed. We jumped up and rushed to the nursery.

Still naked Cheburashka sitting on floor among cubes. Near danced and grimacing wooden long-nosed brat, and above them cut circles large striped fan from below to which was attached a small red-haired man. Yeah.

Protarahtev over us another full circle, Carlson went down on a decorative palm tree and began to resemble the exotic fruit of delirium tremens.

 - Let me introduce - cheerfully started this newcomer from Svetkin subconscious cake - I am the only and unique metaboloydom glucose into energy implanted in my motor - this unique important looked down at me - my dear, I need to refuel, there will not Do you extra jam jars ...

By evening, our young team and added linyuchim uncastrated dog Goofy pair of round-mutants Smesharikov and Tom Thumb. The latter, I would not have noticed, but the old habit to look in the toilet before the flush, saved his life.

And for good reason.

Later this perversion constantly making his way to us with his wife in the bedroom and spied on us, making dark sounds quite childish. Unfortunately, no one came up to him girl Thumb. A few days later appeared the seven dwarfs he contemptuously ignored, although the representatives of the progressive German-Dutch culture has repeatedly called him into his tight (too tight) circle.

But all that happened later. And yet ...

... While we were sitting in the kitchen with his wife and discussed prospects for the future. I realized that Sveta is not able to affect the materialization of their favorite characters. Worse was that she could not (or would not?) Their own dematerealizovat. Does it should soon overpopulation of our planet by Pinocchio cheburashek, Carlson (these were in my opinion the most dangerous) and gnomes or all of this piece production.

Only time could answer this question.

That evening, it was decided to lay low and watch. For themselves and Svetku I was calm, but his wife, hysterical and scandalous nature, gives me concern.

It took two weeks.

During this time, I realized that Svetlana, bringing the real world of their favorite cartoon characters, "rubbings" only their internal content - all the characters are madly in love with a girl, were affectionate and loyal to her, but the physical side of the seven-year child does not represent any interest, no importance.

I never thought, and really, who would have thought that Cheburashka is not able to use the toilet - accustomed to the phone booth. As a consequence he zassal entire apartment. I had no idea that urine cheburashek so odorous and corrosive parquet. During both.

Karslon find that alcohol, particularly vodka, is an excellent source of glucose, refused to jam. Refueled, he's crazy bee begins to beat in a closed box, and then, breathless propeller in pants, would collapse from the ceiling to your head.

Seven Dwarfs, first in broad daylight decided to arrange a "sabantuychik", as later explained to me their actions are older, have been hounded out of my wife under the sofa.

Since then, only at night, when all nedostigshie eighteenth slept soundly, they were allowed to "anneal" or "muddy" disco as they called it, it seemed to me the Greek orgy of debauchery.

To honor Tom Thumb, I can tell you that he never took part in these questionable things. He was rotated on its own way, this boy.

I am, by virtue of the nature of light, yet get along with this freak show, but my poor wife became particularly grumpy and irreconcilable war waged Svetka for "the release of all the will».

Sveta mother in tears proved the impossibility of this decision.

One day we went to dinner with his wife outside the house, which is less and less for it represented the right place.

When he returned, we called at the door, waiting to hear the quick steps and Svetkin voice to the duty, "Who's there?", But we opened the door ... my darling wife.
That is almost it, my once stood nearby, but the one that opened was clearly improved copy of this.
Wife-2 was clearly higher, friendly, cheerful and fun. She's not making any remark - something in itself unlikely to retreat and missed us inside.

Then rushed out of the room she asks.

 - Oh, - she said, and paused - oh how it so happened ...

Now I try in every way to show your loyalty and affection for the hot Svetkin materializovavshmisya friends - I do not want my daughter accidentally invented a more perfect father.

And while his wife-1 often have visits with his wife-2, as well as still are one and the same person, they get along well with each other.

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