Yulia Volkova once again changed beyond recognition

The singer Yulia Volkova did not get tired to experiment with his looks.
More recently we have seen as of a teenage girl she turned into a stylish lady.
It seems to be a happy medium is found, you can stay. But Volkov were not satisfied.

In the last joint clip soloist group "Tatu" they crashed into each other on a motorcycle and "died." Now each of them is trying to build his solo career. Lena Katina, for example, a music video shot in a cemetery in Los Angeles. The dark tones of the grave and the memory of her friend-tattoo.

Yulia Volkova has gone on a radical change: repainted from black to brown color and made her hair in the style of punk. Some media say that she even sat on a strict diet and shed 11 kilograms. The results obtained seem singer was pleased, because it immediately posted pictures on its website. All this former tattoo done for a role in a new music video, a budget of $ 270 thousand dollars. In the video the singer dressed in a "space suit", pasted rhinestones. On her lips a bright pink lipstick, and in front of "arrows". As such, the star will escape from the zombies, which ultimately did very well and win (or scare?).

Do you think you fit the new image of Julia Volkova?

Yulia Volkova in a new image.

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