Yulia Volkova

I hope that we are all aware that plastic surgery was not originally created for the mutilation and corrections appearance after severe wounds in the war ... As a result, there are many examples of stars that are excessively using such good reincarnation, spoil yourself even what they had already "up ". What still cute girl Yulia Volkova was ... I'm probably going to hang this photograph at the wall to remember her like this ... young and fresh ...

look under the cut comments, photos and even change some stars with failed surgery ...



Now compare it with Lena Katina ... what is it babe! Fresh, young ... Volkova looks old woman (

and near ... all tin ...

Continuing the theme of scary stars ... just think of plastic makes people ugly? Let's compare and those who did it, and those who do run itself:

Whitney Houston

Meg Ryan

Tara Reid

Kirstie Alley

Janice Dickinson

Carmella Bing

Mischa Barton

Nicky Cox

Jenna Jameson

girls should probably do vіvod this: go under the knife to remove the real problems and not run himself into such a state ... even though we are not stars, but should look good!


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