Festival de la Familia in Sacramento

At the festival were represented more than 20 Latin American cultures in different genres - dance, music, pictures ...

Oscar Villikana from Sacramento performs the dance of the Aztecs on the Festival de la Familia. The festival celebrates more than 20 Latin American cultures. (Autumn Cruz)

13-year-old Carolina Cortez considering an oil painting by the artist Jesus Barela titled "Prophecy 2012" at the Festival de la Familia. The artist says that for him the Mayan prophecy - it is something positive, the rejection of war and hardship, the transition to a new beginning. (Autumn Cruz)

At the festival, you can buy a wide variety of Dreamcatcher. (Autumn Cruz)

Four-Taylor Loomis eating popsicles at the festival. Her uncle Chris Mohr face painted specially for the festival. (Autumn Cruz)


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