A touching story of a family reunion

Richard Neri - a former homeless. For many years he spent wandering in the street, while in January this year found refuge in the house of his own daughter, who had not seen for thirty years. Now, after the family reunification, Rirchard trying to overcome bad habits and talking with his numerous relatives, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even the existence of which he did not even know.

Richard Neri, who used to live on the streets of Sacramento, talking with his daughter Krista Simborski in Wisconsin. Father and daughter were reunited in January. Before that they had not seen for 30 years. He now lives in comfort in her room in the house her daughter, watching TV in the evenings and cooled by the pool in the afternoon. (Autumn Cruz)

2. Richard Neri laughing, telling his daughter Christa about her past life. Krista wants him to stay to live with her as much as he will need. (Autumn Cruz)

3. Richard Neri puts cushions on the deck chairs by the pool before the morning coffee. In good weather, he spends most of the day at the pool, enjoying the birdsong and watching the animals run past. (Autumn Cruz)


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