Terms of success from the mafia

Mafia is considered the oldest corporation in history. Former gangster wrote a book for the law-abiding people, which is divided into lessons gang life as a "fend off predators sniff the catch and to be more cunning snake." Here are 14 rules for success from the world of the Mafia.

Louis Ferrante was convicted and received a sentence for what was operating as part of the mafia. After his release from prison, he decided that some of the principles of the criminal world can help to succeed in business. BusinessInsider choose the most interesting advice from a book by a former gangster "gang rules: What the Mafia can teach law-abiding businessmen».

1. Hide the gun and turn the old man across the street. Honor family values ​​

Gangsters from an early age are taught to respect the boundaries of the younger generation to respect the hierarchy, age and sex of the person. The greatest influence gets the one who becomes the main breadwinner of the family.

2. Why did the gangsters in the newspapers are always so old? Love is what you do, and your life will not be "business days»

If you look at the members of the Mafia, the old bandits are found not only in the top of the Mafia, but also among ordinary "workaholic." And all because they enjoy their job. You can offer old thief billion dollars, but he refuses, and then try to steal it from you. He lives and breathes this business.

3. The gangsters do not write notes. Hone memory

Calls to the girls of easy virtue, little black notebooks, correspondence by e-mail - all prosecutors could use against the gangster to put him behind bars. If writing is something that every word must be equally weighted, as if you're on the front page of the magazine Time. This will help you greatly.

4. Three keep a secret if two of them are dead. Hard truth of life

Trust is very important in the world of the Mafia. In the business world, it is just as important. You have enormous power if you trust. And if you team up with one or two people who will be able to confide in - is already a success.

Many gangsters have died because of secrets. Smart mobsters hold on to those who can be trusted, even if these people appear some flaws in the past. If you are already in the circle of trust, use this advantage. But does not offer a loyalty to someone, or you are using or will abuse your trust.

5. The word gangster - gold. Anyone who reaches the highest level of confidence is inevitably confronted with prosperity

No comments.

6. Turn garbage into gold. Sniff out opportunities

Look at what all the other past the pass. You can see the potential and become one of those who see more and more. What others find unattractive? Roll up your sleeves and do what you have to do. Remember that opportunities are everywhere. Mafia and the famous that everywhere finds a way to make money and do it quickly.

7. Shoot the target, or a. Respect subordination

Hierarchy helps employees to remember who to listen to. And leaders do not forget that the responsibility for orders that are given. All this, so to speak, helps train arrives on schedule.

8. Less chatted

The understatement lies the power of wisdom. If you keep your mouth shut, then you show your discipline and towering above the ocean talkers. In addition, extra word often results in confusion. The less you talk, the more chance that you will hear when you take the floor. The real mafia is not scattered words and behave with dignity even provocative circumstances.

9. How to kill a victim without a weapon? Motivate your people

The ability to see the potential and influence people, to inspire them for the work - that is a distinctive feature of the leader. Inspire your world, and this world will expand by several times.

10. Become a mediator in disputes and learn the art of compromise

Ensure everyone in your organization of fairness and objectivity. Get rid of all internal grievances. Earn parties have tried endlessly to defend its truth. If you can do all this, the performance will improve.

Imagine a world in which people sit down and discuss the problem and on the same day are allowed to dispute. This is the world of the Mafia. Gangsters know that resentment hinder growth that heated debates lead to trouble. Become a tribunal and ask the staff to discuss issues directly today.

11. The "bad guys" thin skin: never put people in an awkward position in front of others

Do not reach for people in public. You look strong from it will not, but the back "punch" will be such that you even can not imagine. Talk face to face put an employee on the right path, and public flogging will make it weaker, and maybe bring on thoughts of revenge.

Behind the mask of cold-blooded killers often hidden touchy and vulnerable people. The slightest offense can turn deadly consequences. That is why the mafia talking with employees in private.

12. Why did the sons of gangsters forced to pull the trigger? Build confidence

As much as it may sound provocative, but gangsters often take their teenage sons to murder. The idea is to show the real life of his son, to develop confidence in it. In business, as well. Leader evaluates potential employees, and then pushes it beyond the comfortable environment. For the slave is

call, but so he can earn the trust and become stronger.

13. foster bosses with large steel doors that are always open. Stick to the open-door policy

Successful mafia boss well protected, but never isolated. If the boss has access to only a few people, these few people control what information gets up, and what is not. Mafia tops sitting in the places where installed the massive doors, but the boss to visit and discuss business with him can any "employee". Through the open door policy mafia bosses constantly keep abreast of.

14. Be a good king. But no one is above the law

Scum have in any company, writes the author, but if you are a bastard, you risk to be surrounded by enemies.

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