10 ways to catch a liar

How often have you noticed that the investigator in the police, your doctor or your parents always know 100% that you're lying? Intuition? Possible. But there are lots of people who have made an art bring to light in their professional duties. How they manage to always distinguish truth from falsehood? Help clear signs - a discrepancy story chronology of events, behavior and references are too many details to explain.
But not necessarily to be a professional scout to see through a person. Everyone can identify a cheater or discover the truth in the words of a loved one. This is not as difficult as you think. Use these 10 ways from the experts.

Tip number 1: Inconsistencies
If you want to know whether your partner is lying, look for inconsistencies in what he says. If a man tells you that he saw something unusual, but did not notice anything because they do not even look in the direction he's lying. This fact is inconsistent with human reflex reaction that occurs in such cases. Fairly simple experiment will prove it to you: if during a conversation with someone you tap your fingers on the table, he'll look at you. So, when a person hears a noise, look back where it came from - a natural reaction. Look for inconsistencies, illogic, this is what you should pay attention when talking to someone who is suspected of lying.

Tip number 2: Ask unexpected questions
About 4% of people - brilliant liars and they do it so skillfully that only professionals can unearth where the shoe pinches. But the effort is worthwhile.
To begin carefully observe the man. And when he does not expect boldly ask one question. If a person is lying, his speech, as if by steps, begin to stumble, he will repeat something abstract, unintelligible, or even refuse to answer, because I do not have time to come up with an answer, but to tell the truth beyond his power.

Tip number 3: uncharacteristic behavior
One of the clearest indicators of dishonesty is a change in behavior. Please note, if you normally calm person behaves anxiously. Or, conversely, deeply interested in the problem, the person suddenly becomes indifferent to it. The trick is to be able to assess the initial behavior and actions resulting from fraud. Enough to create the conditions under which you know how people normally receive. If his reaction is exactly the opposite, or inexplicable for you, it makes sense to try to bring a friend to clean water.

Tip number 4: Look for insincere emotions
Most people do not know how to fake smile. Sometimes circumstances force a man to wear a mask, but a false joy give other emotions. This may be an angry face, sad eyes, rude tone. These emotions in conjunction with a smile say that something went contrary.

Tip number 5: Intuitive or blind evaluation
People say, "I felt it instinctively, I suggested intuition." But experts believe this behavior is deviant - when people do not pay attention to the real emotions. Although the average person can not understand how a particular episode or feeling does he know what he knows, scientists can determine the process more precisely.

Tip number 6: Follow mikroemotsiyami
Paul Ekman, a renowned expert in the field of detecting lies, knows some clear signs in the behavior and speech of people who make it possible to see through it. "Mikroemotsii - a very short process, roughly speaking, the first impression that lasts no more than 25 seconds, and then always hidden behind a false emotion," - says Ekman. Therefore, for example, when a person is actively expresses happiness, but really upset about something, he mikroemotsii manifest in the form of anger on his face. No matter how you try to hide the true feelings - anger replaced with happiness, fear or jealousy - they instantly make themselves known. The trick is to notice these real feelings. 99% of the 10,000 people who took part in the testing, could not do it. But it can be learned. The average person to master this skill, requires no more than an hour.

Tip number 7: Look for contradictions
As a general rule all the emotions and gestures of people who are in dissonance with his words may be proof lies. For example, when a person agrees to do something, but his voice sounds artificial or tone speaks of domestic protest, or micromotion head like a gesture of "no." These contradictions can be between voice and words, gestures and voice, facial expressions and words. It is important to catch them, then you will understand that the other person is trying to lie.

Tip number 8: Wandering eyes
When a person is trying to avoid eye contact when speaking, most likely he has one goal - to hide the truth. Arouse suspicion should look into the distance, or wandering eyes in the surrounding area. Many people gives their own own body - someone strong start n? 6?


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