5 simple but very effective way to expose the Liar

Speaking of lies, let's just be honest: you're lying and you're lying. Every day, at least a little, and quite harmless, but it's a fact. Scientists estimate that every person faces daily lie dozens or even hundreds of times!

Of course, we live in a world of absolute truth it would be a bit awkward, but the lie, is giving you trouble, and the more dangerous you need to be able to identify. And what - tells BBC Future

«Lie to Me»

. Remember the popular TV series «Lie to me» (in Russian translation, "Lie to Me" and "The Theory of lies»)?

The gallant team led by Dr. Lightman so good lie exposed at the tiniest facial expressions and body language of people! There's even a photo showing real characters, mostly the big politicians, at the moments when they were caught on the fraud - well, they do not believe in such a science, the more that the show is really based on large scientific deception theory


In short, the essence of it is that lies provokes strong emotions, which are very difficult or impossible to keep. The man blushes, turns pale, nervous laughs, runs his eyes ... He's lying? The most famous example - Former US President Bill Clinton, mired in an affair with Monica Lewinsky, his facial expressions and gestures are interpreted as a conclusive proof of guilt


Only here the practice of recent years shows that these "proven methods" in many cases do not work. Why?

< First , how many people, so many manners of behavior common to all the body language simply does not exist. Some people, when lying, nervously giggling, while others are serious, others look away, the fourth look straight in the eye, and so

Second , trying to assume " signs of lies "micro-facial expressions, you ignore the words. Moreover, even a potential liar to say do not need anything: he asked questions to which to respond quite tersely: "yes" or "no." If someone, and will force the split, only the most cowardly and inept fraud.

Finally, in the third place, with such methods you will start to judge people discriminate. She pursed her lips - aha! Rubs his nose and looked down - got! Commercials around you soon there will be no honest man, and you are up to their ears tangled up in their own mistakes.

< 5 ways to calculate a liar

Disarmingly simple, but the more effective technique developed by British scientists, psychologists Thomas Ormerod and Coral Dando.

They advise: instead of having to keep track of your body language, listen carefully to what and how people govorit.Dlya this:

1. Ask questions that require a detailed answer

If a person is lying, he'll have to go deep into his fiction, and he will get stuck in your own web.

2. Use the element of surprise

Ask questions unpredictable - it will knock fraud confused. Or ask them to tell the whole story in reverse order, from end to beginning. With the invention of it it will be very difficult, if not impossible.

3. Specify the details of which are easy to check.

For example, a person says that he was in such a place - ask him how he got there. But if once he had caught, do not rush to declare this, let him decide if he manages to outwit you. Then he will gain confidence and become more likely to avoid blunders, and you get irrefutable evidence of his lies.

4. Watch for changes in the course of conversation

When the pretender has to lead a full conversation, he becomes uncomfortable, and he changed his demeanor. For example, just kept flowery tale, but at some point, swallowed his tongue - then feels that he is losing control

5.. Ask the person directly how he honest with you

You'd be surprised how often this question "head" makes people abandon the lies. After all, everyone wants to look "good" in the eyes of others. Moreover, it is important that this was the conversation, not interrogation!

< Real experiments

Results of the "conversational" methods are impressive. In one experiment, the officers of security at airports across Europe had to be calculated from these thousands of passengers a handful of actors with false stories. Imagine, it was possible in 70% of cases, and it is already 20 times better than solving a body language!

On another occasion, a group of students invited to participate in the quiz, and given the opportunity to secretly spy answers. Then they were sent to the interview to federal agents who were to determine who cheated and who is not. Without body language, using only tactical issues, they recognized the lies with more than 90 percent accuracy, and one expert was right at 100%!

So do not hesitate, this technique can help detect lies. The main thing - to be objective and not to make hasty conclusions, it is only that the person is nervous or tries to remember some detail, does not mean that he is guilty

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