10 Unusual Wills

1. A heavy smoker Samuel Bratt used his last wish purely for the purpose of revenge. Since in life his wife would not let him smoke in his will he left her 330,000 pounds with one condition: for widow inheritance is obliged to smoke 5 cigars a day.
2. Leona Helmsley Millionaire famous for the fact that 5 million left their grandchildren and 10 million - his dog. When the dog dies, she should be buried next to his mistress in a magnificent mausoleum worth nearly half a million dollars.

3. The most secret testament left billionaire Michel Rothschild. In it, reads in part: "... categorically and unequivocally prohibits any inventory of my inheritance, any judicial intervention and disclosure of my state ..." So the actual size of the state is still not known.

4. The longest testament was one of the founding fathers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Guidance on the property

interspersed with the arguments in the document about the history of America. On this bequest heirs of Jefferson received their share of the inheritance only on the condition that set free all his slaves.

5. Henry Ford bequeathed to allocate $ 500 million in 4157 among educational and charitable institutions. This - the largest amount of cash ever bequeathed to one person.

6. The hardest part for understanding the will was drawn up as a laboratory of the famous physicist Niels Bohr. The will had so many technical terms and complex set phrases that to decrypt it had to call expert linguists.

7. Gene Rodenberri (Rodenberry), creator of the phenomenon of "Star Trek" and wished that after his death his body was cremated and sent into space. In 1997, the Spanish brought the ashes of the late satellite into orbit, where the contents of the boxes were produced in the upper atmosphere.

8. So it has not been established who killed Angela Puerto Rican Pantoyyu (Angel Pantoja). According to his brother Carlos, Angel wanted to be happy and to stand firmly on his feet in his house, which was done by his relatives - Angela embalmed in an upright position, and now he is in his mother's house.

9. The last wish lawyer misogynist, who died in 1930, was the construction of the library in which all the works have been written only by men, and also the staff consisted only of men. To this he left $ 35,000. His daughter received a bequest of $ 5.

10. In 1841, the poet Heinrich Heine married Eugenie Mirat (Eugenie Mirat), uneducated, rude and not far from a shoe store saleswoman. In his will, Heine Eugene passed his entire fortune on one condition: she must necessarily marry after his death. According to Heine, so he will be sure that at least one person in the world will regret his death.


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