Successful people. What qualities do they have that helps them achieve their goals? How are they different from other people? There are three high-performance qualities of successful people.

This category of people as it is able to enthrall and fascinate, has pleasant strength charismatic personality. They feel the absolute right to control other people, even if the age, qualifications and experience do not meet the required parameters of a successful leader.

1. Internal magnetism
Charismatic man in authority, it can influence the actions and thoughts of others. As a leader, for example, appears in the office, life suddenly begins to boil. He can speak softly or loudly, may stutter be ugly or beautiful - but people prefer to go for it. You can call it whatever you like - charisma, leadership, strong energy.

2. The risk with accountability
Successful people are subject to risks, courage, desire for extreme pleasure, the work around. Success in business - a combination of risk liability: a person makes a decision, the price is very high, which always follow the changes, and that is a risk. Business people daily take several risky, adventurous and dangerous decisions. And they do not feel fear, on the contrary, enjoy when taking responsibility for people and for business.

You can see that successful people do not show excitement by playing a risky game. This is due to the fact that they get all the same level of adrenaline in which they need. At the same time, you can see extremely holidaymakers officials and children of rich people. They use artificial excitements themselves, as in real life, they do not feel a sufficient level of stress.

Extreme sports for successful people is really the main form of recreation. They do not resort to bad habits. Continuing to read daily Newsbanks, for example. But then force yourself to forget about your business? Helps extreme - the danger, the risk, burden. Therefore, they twist a somersault on skis, ride along mountain paths complicated, parachute jumping, etc. They feel invincible, fearless, fully confident in controlling the situation, not bothering to make a will.

3. Efficiency and intense rhythm of life
In this case, they kind of perpetual motion machine is a high energy. These people are working for 15-20 hours, arriving in Moscow from Kamchatka, immediately go to the talks in the United States, and from there - flying on holiday, go skiing, but there again return to the enterprise. The rhythm of life of successful people is so intense that the deputies and assistants, as well as people from the immediate environment does not always withstand neither psychologically nor physically.


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