9's most unusual places to stay

Have you ever thought that your home may seem to someone strange and unusual housing? Many people live in a non-standard houses or houses located in unusual places, such as on the edge of the cliff, on top of a mountain or on a tiny island surrounded on all sides by water. Some choose a home that fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, acting a part. Learn more about these unusual buildings, which are for someone home.

1. The village of Al-Hajar, Yemen

The village was built in the mountains of Kharaz in Yemen about a thousand years ago. This is a very scenic place with interesting buildings that rise above skalami.Doma are right on top of the mountain, and you can only imagine how dangerous it was to build them, as many of these buildings are located on a steep cliff.

2. Hanging Monastery Hanging Temple, Kitay

This site is translated from Chinese means "Hanging Monastery". The monks built it in the 5th century, using ancient techniques, which have remained a mystery even today. The monastery is located near the base of one of the five sacred mountains of China Hengshan.

3. Cappadocia, Turtsiya

This pretty town is located in Anatolia, he is under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage. The first mentions of it date back to the 6th century. Today there live about 2500 people annually and the town is visited by thousands of tourists. Strange structures are actually the handiwork of nature itself - a sandstone deposits, which have been altered by man under the houses.

4. Meteora, Gretsiya

"Meteora" means "rock, suspended in the air." This monastic complex built on a cliff of sandstone, which are under the effect of the erosion of acquired unusual shapes. Currently, there are 6 monasteries, including male and female. Earlier, there were other monasteries, but eventually they collapsed. One of the most famous and unusual - the convent of Saint Barbara or Rusanov.

5. City Setenil de las Bodegas, Ispaniya

Located in the province of Andalusia, this small town was built almost in the rocks. The walls of some houses like pressed into the rock, and the rooms themselves are carved caves. The city was built in several floors, the roof is replaced stones rocks that are both based on the following houses and so on.

6. House-to-House of Peneda, Portugaliya

Casa pre-Peneda or "Stone House" is not the old home as it may seem on its design. It was designed and built in 1974 by one eccentric architect, have a good imagination. Once he found a huge round stone 4, he had the idea of ​​a "gathering" of them unusual dwelling.

7. Ponte Vecchio, Italiya

This unusual bridge is located in Florence on the Arno River. The singularity of the bridge is that it is located jewelery stores, over which once lived jewelers themselves. This is the oldest bridge in Florence, and he managed to survive almost intact.

8. City Matmata, Tunis

Residents of the town of Matmata live in dugouts carved into the rocks and underground tunnels. These unusual dwelling is actually very old, so even today no one I do not remember exactly when and why they built that way. According to legend, these dugouts were dug by local residents in the Roman era, to hide from Roman invaders. According to one legend, the inhabitants dug a cave to escape from the monsters of the desert, another legend says that the Berbers vyryvshie cave, hiding from the Egyptians.

9. City John O'Groats, Velikobritaniya

John O'Groats - a small town with a population of about 300 people, located on the northernmost point of the United Kingdom. In winter this place becomes very inhospitable due to heavy snowfall and thick fog. In winter, the villagers do not meet any visitor, but the summer here attracts hundreds of tourists who want to visit the far north of Scotland and see the lighthouse, located at 2, 5 kilometers from the city.

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