Pavarotti was a new will bolt from the blue

We recall still published two wills Pavarotti. According to the first of them, dated June 13, 2007 and opubliikovannomu exactly three months after writing (and a week after the death of the artist), 50% of the inheritance had to divide the four daughters Pavarotti - three from his first marriage to Adua and one from Vernon the second, with Nicoletta Mantovani. Last as the widow received a quarter of the state. The remaining 25% are so-called "reserve", which could apply to his sister Lelle closest friends tenor and staff with whom he worked during his long career.

Second, the so-called "American" the will is written and published by June 29 a few days after the first. It accents were arranged quite differently: all property Pavarotti in America (the lion's share of state) according to this document, Nicoletta got it, and the rest to be divided among the daughters. Obviously, in this case, Pavarotti's second wife bear the greatest benefit.

Which was released today, handwritten last will, from a legal point of view is not valid in the presence of more recent, certified as true copies of wills. But Pavarotti's daughter still hope to use it in the fight for the American legacy of his father, for his final fate still has to decide the court.

"It is clear that the will reappear as it reflects the last will of Luciano Pavarotti, and it is unclear why six months later, he changed it," - told reporters a representative of the singer's older daughters. He also noted that this is the only statement the singer about his plans for the post-mortem division of property, handwritten, and not dictated by the lawyers.

Note, previously already appeared in the press, citing friends of Pavarotti, the information that he was going to disinherit his second wife. Ostensibly Luciano was unhappy in his marriage to Nicoletta and said that she thinks "only about money." In the light of the content of the newly published first a will becomes clearer.


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