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Did you know that in 1925 the American housewife Frederica Evelyn Stilwell Cook was compiled the longest in the history of the will. In general, any will must be read aloud to the entire family and friends of the deceased. However, this will, which consisted of 95,940 words, has never been made public in its entirety. It's not that Mrs. Cook had a great fortune, does all her belongings could be counted on the fingers. But the woman was very rich friends as enemies, whom she had something to say. So, thanks to his incredible memory, do not miss that one, it was a testament to twenty years

Did you know that adult domestic cats do not meow, talking among themselves. The sound of "meow" is typical for kittens, beckons his mother and adult cats have learned to use this sound to attract a man. Adult feral cats meowing in general is not typical in any situation.

Did you know that in the aristocratic circles of China until the early 20th century, practiced the custom of foot-binding girls. All toes except the big, tied to the foot, leg and gradually deformed so much that sometimes she could not walk at all. This was considered admirable dignity as a lady of high society to walk independently considered shameful, and big feet clearly indicated the origin of the women from the lower classes

Did you know that octopuses are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates and even some intelligent vertebrates. For example, they may distinguish between geometric shapes, accustomed to feeding their people trainable and even become tame. Octopus carefully take care of the cleanliness of their homes, "sweeping" of running water and adding waste outside in the trash heap

Did you know that lobsters do not feel pain even when they are cooked

Did you know that kissing drives 29 (some sources - 34) of the facial muscles.

Did you know that the human body can be found so much chlorine, that would be enough to disinfect five swimming pools; as phosphorus, which could produce 20 000 match heads; so much fat that was exited to 10 bars of soap; enough sulfur to rid a dog of fleas; enough glycerin to detonate an artillery shell.

Did you know that people - the only representative of the animal world, the ability to draw straight lines.

Did you know that 95% of people read very slowly - 180-220 words per minute (Page 1 of 1, 5-2 minutes)

Did you know that for the last 4000 years there have been no new domesticated animal.

Did you know that in my life the female body produces 7 million eggs.

Did you know that in the body of an adult of about 75 kilometers of nerves.

Did you know that an adult makes approximately 23,000 breaths (in and out) on the day

Did you know that there is a pearl in a shell is not accidentally hit the back of a grain of sand? This is - a beautiful legend vendors surrounded the goods romantic flair. We admire the pearl, not knowing that the most beautiful pearl - it's just a pearlescent coffin for the worm. Pearls are born, when inside a tiny parasite dies seashells, wade back through the leaf to eat meat mussels. By isolating the threat mussel begins to cover its layers of nacre, and so on until the end of life.

Did you know that there is no bridge across the Amazon river length of almost 7000 kilometers.

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