In Taiwan have created the world's first transparent phone

For several consecutive years, artists excite the minds of people concepts transparent smartphones. First put this idea into reality could a little-known Taiwanese company Polytron, specializing in the production of glass dizaynerskogo.
Information about the device so far is not enough. The device has a small touch screen. As you can see, the smartphone still have opaque elements - cameras, circuit boards, memory card and so on. It looks somewhat sloppy, but it should be borne in mind that at the moment the phone is in the prototype stage.

Revolutionary device was presented at a conference in Taoyuan. At this event, Polytron not told about what operating system will work smart and keep silent about its technical characteristics. However, the company noted that it is ready to launch new product into production during 2013.

According to experts, transparent smart phones are best suited for use with augmented reality technology. Will develop a practical sense from Polytron, is not yet known. In any case, the appearance of the first transparent device - a powerful impetus for the entire mobile industry.


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