SMART phrases in English for discussion and debate

eat one's words - take it back
Enough of it - enough of this
go into details - go into detail
 I do not care - I do not care
I have no idea - I have no idea
I mean it! - I'm serious
I wish I knew - I wish I knew!
It does not matter - It does not matter
It does not make sense - It does not make sense
It does not prove a thing - It does not prove anything
It 's none of your business - not your business
It's a lie - That's a lie
It's all the same to me - I do not care
It's beside the point - it does not treat the issue
It's new to me - I've never heard
It's out of place - it is inappropriate
It's up to you - Decide for yourself
It's waste of time - This is a waste of time
Let's clear it up - let's see.
Let's drop the subject - Let's leave this topic
Mind one's own business - do their work
no matter - it does not matter
point of view - the view
pro and con - the pros and cons
say one's say - an opinion
side against - to take the opposite side
So what? - So what?
speak one's mind - express your opinion
stand one's ground - to keep their opinions
stand to reason - to make sense, to be a logical consequence
take a side - to side with
take a stand - take a tough stance
take into account - to take into account
That's not the point - it does not treat the issue
That's very well, but - It's all very well, but ...
to one's face - a face (say openly)
up against - resist
Use your own judgement - Up to you
What are you driving at? - What are you getting?
What are you talking about? - What are you!
What for? - Why?
What of it? - And what of it? You can take it from me - Believe me


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