9 new ways to Space Tourism

The idea to send tourists into space appeared for a long time, but only recently a few corporations have begun work on a suitable, commercially available transport. Round-up of projects below these corporations. Perhaps one of them will make spaceflight affordable not just for astronauts and billionaires


SpaceX company wants to reduce the cost of space launches nearly 100 times by returning the Falcon rocket on the ground, instead of destruction and fall into the ocean, as usually happens when it starts. So far successfully sits down on the ground, only the first stage of the rocket, and only in 70% of cases.
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Competing with SpaceX draft European corporation Airbus - Adeline plans to return not the entire rocket, but only the most important and expensive part of it. The first attempts to implement such a return will be made in 2020 with the new European rocket - the Ariane 6 (1).

Blue origin

The same trick is trying to turn the company of another billionaire Jeff Bezos - Blue origin. The company has already carried out four successful launch and its rockets landing. Then the company is going to use the rocket for space tourism. The first tourists to be adopted as early as 2018.


In the space tourism oriented and Richard Branson with his new spacecraft SpaceShipTwo, presented this year. (Last ship crashed and the pilot died, but Virgin Galactic is not discouraged)


One of the founders of Microsoft Paul Allen founded Stratolaunch Systems company for the construction of the largest in the history of aircraft - Roc. He will lift the rocket to a predetermined height and let go in solo flight, and the return to earth. The first flight of this kind of space tourism is expected in 2018.


Russia has not remained aloof from the space tourism company (especially since we now send tourists to the ISS on the Soyuz, but expensive, a few tens of million. $).
Now, in addition, a resident of Skolkovo - the company "Kosmokurs" is developing a reusable suborbital space complex for tourist flights into space. According to the plan, a group of 6 people will go to the capsule 15minutny flight for $ 200,000. The first flight is scheduled for optimism in 2020.


Another form of suborbital tourism - WorldView. Flying in a capsule on a huge bowl. Critics of the project say that the ball will rise by only 30 km, without having to leave the earth's atmosphere. and therefore can not be considered truly space tourism. In any case, the first commercial tours are scheduled for early 2018.

Dream Chaser

Private company Sierra Nevada Corporation creates something like a new version of the space shuttle - DreamChaser to deliver cargo and crew to 7 people on the ISS and suborbital flights. The first delivery is expected in 2019.


After much hesitation, for the development of the project for the return of the first stage of the rocket took and Roscosmos. In June 2016 a division responsible for developing reusable flight was restored. The first stage will not be getting into the ocean, and will return to earth on the wings of the plane. The project is still in the early stages, but to work on it attracted developers former space shuttle "BuranĀ»

Space tourism will not be available to everyone. But rather only those who are able to write a check without regret in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet it would be a step forward for space, if at least one of these projects will be brought to life.

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