Japanese construction company announced plans to build a space elevator up to 2050

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Photo Space elevator will transport people and goods much cheaper than modern missiles (Obayashi Corporation) i>

The Japanese company анонсировала news of science fiction - the construction of a space elevator and launch it in the job until 2050

If successful, this would be a revolutionary step in the development of near-Earth space, and potentially affect the entire global economy. Representatives Obayashi Corporation announced that the space elevator will deliver the goods to the height of 96,000 kilometers. Robotic cars on magnetic linear motors will transport people and cargo to the newly built space station. Shipping costs will be much cheaper than modern missiles.

The company claims that it is now a fantasy becomes reality with the development of carbon nanotechnology. As stated Ёshi Ishikawa (Yoji Ishikawa), manager of research and development Obayashi, «Tensile strength (new materials - approx. Per.) A hundred times more than that of steel cable, so it's possible." "We can not make the cable sufficient length. At the moment, we can only make 3-centimeter nanotubes, but we need more ... we believe that 2030 will be able to achieve this. »

Universities across Japan are working on these issues. Every year they hold contests for the exchange of experiences and knowledge. A team at the University of Kanagawa (Kanagawa University) is working on robotic machines-lifts. Professor Tadashi Egami (Tadashi Egami) says that the tension of the cable will vary depending on the height and gravity. "We are studying what mechanisms are needed to raise at different heights, as well as the best braking system" - said Egami.

Ishikawa of Obayashi agree that, according to a major international study conducted in 2012, the space elevator quite feasible, but it is best to implement it with international cooperation. "I do not think that one company can handle this, it needs an international organization to cope with such a big project," - he said.

Experts say that the space elevator will signal the completion of the use of conventional missiles - a very expensive and dangerous. So the cost of launching into orbit of one kg of cargo via the space shuttle is that somewhere around $ 22,000. For a space elevator estimates suggest $ 200 per kg of cargo. Construction kosmolifta allow small rockets placed and run directly from the space station, without having to spend a lot of fuel to overcome the Earth's gravity.

They also hope that kosmolift help solve some of the world's problems by supplying Larger amounts of solar energy, or for the storage of nuclear waste. Kosmolift also help in the development of space tourism.

Obayashi is working on a machine that will be able to raise the elevator up to 30 people, so maybe that day is not far when the moon could become a regular tourist point.

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