Statistics and price confidence

Institute of Sociology, among his other duties conducts surveys. Varied. Sometimes the themes and findings raise a smile, but sometimes ... Just now they have announced details about the credibility of the police by the public. It is clear that the theme itself and a round table dedicated to it, is called the length and scientific "The efficiency of the local policeman in modern conditions».
The fact that the cops have not really believe we already know. To what extent - told the gentlemen scientists. 31% - do not, 36% - probably yes, 8% rather not (that I did not understand - as soon as possible to trust or not to trust more, net sophistry), 25% could not answer (do not understand or aliens?). Only 1% completely trust our brave law enforcement agencies.
A reasonable question - why do we need such a body - has a simple and reasonable answer: and so convenient. In the power structures, and it is not really a big secret, are brothers. Take depending on the position. And the tickets paid and quite expensive.
Simple operative OCD - also three. Above - more. Chief can be manipulated for a modest fee of fifty to two hundred thousand American dollars.
And if you think that paid - all there for long, you are mistaken. need a good patronage.
In general, the Queen of roads full of beauty and adherence to corporate. "From the street," you can not even try. Position a simple state inspector worth three thousand dollars. Head of the regional department - from tridtsatnika, head MREO from eighty to two hundred.
Clearly, in the regions cheaper. But still need to beat the money invested. Business law. Whom to beat - also understandable. Depending on the agency. And in the structure, where the notion of est "issue price", the theme of trust as something not particularly relevant. But for such a structure is the power that neither is easy.
So everything is logical. Sail on.


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