How to get rid of unwanted facial hair


The hairs that appeared on her upper lip, spoil the mood of the fair half of mankind, and reduce their self-esteem. How to get rid of a girl mustache? What methods can one use?

The causes of mustache women

Why tendrils have the weak half of humanity? The reason may be heredity – for example, dark hairs often decorate the upper lip brunettes. If the tendrils began to rise suddenly, and before that with a similar problem you faced, the case is likely in violation of the hormonal balance. Possible cause are abnormalities in the endocrine system (it is recommended to check the adrenal glands). Based on this, the fight with the mustache should start with visiting the doctor – he will be examined, will appoint the necessary tests.

Bleaching mustache

Bleaching does not get rid of the mustache as such – this procedure simply makes them invisible. The most popular are lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. It is important to remember that both dries the skin, so to exert themselves still not worth it. Justified procedure that involves the use of complex tools. Prepare a mixture of 1 tsp of hydrogen peroxide (6%) and a small amount of ammonia (enough 5 drops). Treat antennae this tool using a cotton pad. After drying, rinse with a solution of lemon juice (do not wipe the skin, wait until dry). After that treat the upper lip baby cream. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day to achieve the desired result. The procedure of lightening available in the case that the hairs have a thin structure, and antennae not have a high density.

Removing the mustache with tweezers

How can you get rid of the mustache girl? It is not necessary to remind you that to lose it is contraindicated – it will only make the problem worse (the hair will become more visible). You can tweeze the excess hairs with tweezers, but only if they are few (the procedure is painful, and when used on a large area can cause skin irritation and even lead to scarring). During the procedure, you should remember about hygiene (hands, forceps, and the processing area must be clean). Yank the whiskers is necessary to sharply (growth). To reduce discomfort, your free hand should gently pull the skin. Carry out the procedure is recommended after the shower or steam bath (steamed skin "parts" with hairs).

Remove mustache using shugaring or waxing

Sugaring and waxing are similar in principle – differs only in material used (in the first case a sugar syrup, and the second wax). Depending on the density and intensity of hair growth, this will allow to get rid of antennae for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Convenient ready to use wax strips – they need to attach to the problem area, and then to tear off from the skin in the direction opposite the hair growth.

Removing the mustache with creams

It is important to remember that the depilatory cream may cause allergic reaction or skin irritation. You must purchase tools, designed for sensitive skin and strictly adhere to the instructions. After using the cream mustache not grow for 7-14 days.

Salon treatments

The removal of antennae you will help cosmetic procedures, such as electrolysis (here we use low-voltage electricity), photo-epilation, laser hair removal (the latter differs from the more precise hair removal impact on the hair follicles), ELOS hair removal (this method combines the action of light and current). As a rule, salon treatments eliminates antennae for a long period (up to several years). However, have to go through several procedures to pay for this certain amount.

How to get rid of a girl mustache? Cosmetologists do not recommend to use on the face folk remedies (Stramonium seeds, walnut shells, etc.) – this may harm the appearance. The most preferred methods of dealing with unwanted hair on the upper lip are salon treatment.



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