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Pirate Blackbeard lived long, but fun. Kept at bay for several years, the Atlantic coast of Carolina and maritime trade routes in the Caribbean. Fabulously rich. However, the ridiculous killed in battle and his treasure is still not found.
Pirate - at one and the same time - the identity of the charismatic and mysterious. He - the character almost fairy tales, legends and fantastic stories. However, to this day it is not clear much of his life. Deeply exploring the history, I seem to have found the answers to many not previously clarified by the "dark places" of his biography, he tried to explain his actions. But before I can get a dozen is not to unravel the mysteries of the previous "Dead Man's Chest" and try to answer them, once again tell the story of his dashing pirate life, the brave adventures and almost heroic death.

Blackbeard - adventure and death

At the beginning of 1717 the famous Boston newspaper informed its readers excited about a new fearsome pirate in the Caribbean, characterized awesome view, unprecedented ingenuity and unparalleled courage. Already one of its nickname - "Blackbeard" - inspired fear and respect.
The present name of the robber is not exactly known. Most often it is mentioned as Edward Thatch. It is also unclear where he was born. According to some assumptions Thatch - comes from the poor quarters of London or Bristol, according to others - was born in one of the colonies in Jamaica, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, and, in a noble family. His childhood and youth as no information. The earliest records refer to it now as a sailor about the rank of boatswain aboard privatirskogo Korablin Captain Benjamin Hornigolda.

During the great war of the Spanish Succession in Britain is a private ship had formal authority from the British government to intercept enemy French ships, thus undermining the commercial communication opponent. So, Thatch a part of the ship's command Hornigold, in fact, he participated in the war. The young sailor, having good navigation practice and experience boarding attacks, as well as being quite clever, brave and firm, will soon become a real "sea wolf". Physically strong and tireless in the struggle, he could spend hours fighting with the enemy, easily wielding his heavy sword, at the time when his comrades had fallen exhausted. And thus Thatch rightly earned the respect of both his captain and all seafarers without exception.

However, participation in the operations of puzzling and daring sea battles our hero did not bring any big money or impressive career. & lt; In the maritime laws of the half production getting any captain of the British colonial authorities passed, and only the remaining distributed team, in a small proportion of each. Then the war ended, and therefore, and the right to seize the French ships was canceled. And then, finally, the "luck" smiled our hero. He decided to retire, Captain Hornigold, granted Thatch "with his master's shoulder" Mighty frigate intercepted before the enemy.

Neglecting such luck was impossible. But to engage in any fishing or simply a peaceful fair trade Thatch was not going to. For firmly attached to the craft of filibustering. Therefore, it is to get him to re-equip the military ship, providing it with forty guns. And assign a strange name - "Queen Anne's Revenge," it is still difficult to explain. In wanting to keep predatory business among the sailors were not lacking, so that complement the team was not difficult. Out of habit, Thatch continued attacking French ships, and is a very succeeded. But now, in connection with the official conclusion of the world, such fishing was in fact illegal and qualified not only as a pirate.

Yielding to pressure from France, the British government made it mandatory for the governors of the colonies to restore proper order in the seas of the New World. That's when Thatch and hit the "black list" Pirates of the Caribbean, to be prosecuted under the law. Ignoring the amnesty offered by the government in the case of voluntary surrender to the authorities and the abandonment of the pirate fishing, the captain raised the yardarm of his Korablin black flag, openly demonstrating their predatory irreconcilable intentions. Now he captures all of the court met in a row, regardless of their affiliation.

Do not avoid the fate of the wicked sailors neutral countries - the Netherlands and Portugal. Growing dissatisfaction with the authorities Thatch especially aggravated when the English began to plunder even commercial vessels. To heighten the deterrent is now called himself a pirate captain "Blackbeard" to match a thick facial hair that reached almost to his waist, and he has never shaved. Thanks to an outstanding appearance and diabolical cruelty captain instilled fear not only the sailors of merchant ships and peaceful settlers of the colonies, but even his fellow pirate craft ..
Already in its first year of sea raids suffered dozens of merchant ships in the Caribbean. Do not hesitate in his power and fortune, Blackbeard even dared to engage artillery fire with the British military ship, causing the enemy, suffered severe injuries, was forced to retire as soon as possible, leaving the laurels of the winner brave pirates.
Pirate business is progressing well. Many fans joined corsair luck to him. They claimed to have been among them, and even blacks, possibly runaway slaves from the plantations. Now he commanded a fleet. More than three hundred thugs sea captain obeyed unquestioningly. Even went so far that he is deaf blocked main port in South Carolina, intercepting not only merchant ships, and even boats, roughly took away all the goods transported.

No one could get out into the sea to escape the fate of being captured by pirates. Commercial dramatically disrupted. Products and goods became more expensive. Fear like a mist descended on the Atlantic coast. The blockade ended in South Carolina for "Blackbeard" safely and profitably, but sadly for the ravaged colony.
Fraudulently, to the detriment of many of his comrades, Blackbeard has appropriated much of the production and richer Nemer, I decided to say goodbye to the pirate business. For this, he found the approach to the governor of the province of North Carolina. Steward took Thatch friendly and agreed to grant him an official pardon, despite the fact that the term of the royal amnesty has long been passed. Finally, it looked like a dream come true formidable captain.

He settled in the rich house, and married advantageously. However, long Thatch led a settled life. Passion easy pickings, romantic adventure and freestyle pirate life inevitably entailed. Again, Blackbeard took up the old one. After a brief lull, many small and large commercial vessels in internal and external waters of the Atlantic Pomerania again suffered barbaric attacks seemed to come back from non-existence of the famous pirate.
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Unable to stand it any longer arbitrary pirates, the government of Virginia appointed bounty Thatch and his associates. Pirate leader, dead or alive, valued at one hundred pounds. The other - much less.
However, the whole idea seemed pretty reasonable. Therefore, a British Lieutenant Robert Maynard so vigorously took up the matter and in such a hurry that he forgot to load the gun to his ship. Either deliberately did not burdening it to save rapidity and not let the pirates escape.

Seeing rushing straight at them military ship, Blackbeard shout asked who they were and what they want. With characteristic British humor answered him, Fear not, they say, are not pirates. Thatch jokingly praised in his own and said grapeshot of all their guns, killing many English sailors and soldiers. In order to avoid further losses, the lieutenant ordered most of the sailors go down into the hold. This was a prudent decision, because hardly ships closer, the pirates threw the upper deck of the enemy homemade bombs - bottles stuffed with pieces of metal and gunpowder.

Perhaps centuries earlier they used explosive devices, proudly named later as the "Molotov cocktail"? Strong explosions caused great destruction. When the smoke from the explosions cleared, only the dead and wounded were lying on the deck of the English Korablin. Pirates, encouraged by the apparent success, boldly rushed to the boarding. Imagine their surprise when they encountered strong opposition suddenly jumped out of the hold of British soldiers. A heated battle. As a result, a plurality of the victims of the sea even flushed from the blood.
Blackbeard and Lieutenant came together in a duel. They are easy to hurt each other with a pistol shot and then crossed sabers. Tall Pirate opponent's weapon chopped in half, but he stepped back and fired at the attacker. However, wounded Thatch is still bearing down menacingly, like a dark cloud. Swinging a heavy sword, he seemed to cleave the lieutenant half. And bad things would have been an officer, if the soldiers did not come in time to help. They attacked the giant simultaneously from all directions, inflicting about twenty saber five gunshot wounds. And only pirate collapsed, weakened by blood loss. Having lost their commander, the pirates immediately surrendered.
Lieutenant Maynard decapitated defeated Thatch and hoisted his head on the bowsprit Korablin a sign of the triumph of justice and inevitable justice, as well as a warning and a threat punishment for those who still continue to pirate in the seas of His Majesty.
Body Thatch was thrown overboard, but, according to legend, did not immediately went to the bottom, but only at first mysteriously circled seven times in the water around the vessel. Do not want, see any flesh nor soul pirate easily part with the merry, violent robber being. And because the body will not soon sunk into the sea. Thus ended the earthly existence of the legendary robber. However, only a concept material. After all, many legends and still lives on it. It is written without a number of articles, books, and created a lot of movies. His personality is surrounded by an aura of mystique.
The death of Captain Blackbeard pirates took with them into oblivion, and the mystery of its hidden treasures. Many serious researchers and other treasure seekers for centuries tried unsuccessfully to find the value of a pirate, according to legend, buried somewhere on a deserted island.

That's just the story goes in her adopted today the official version. However, not all well understood. For example, I find it a lot not clarified, sometimes mysterious places. Well, the white spots pond-pond. As it was, really? Let's try to find the truth in the maze of often conflicting facts, events, which have become more and more legends than reflecting real events.


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