Only for real men. We select beard on face shape and fight the ladies on the spot!

In recent years, men have become increasingly ponder the question of whether to grow their beards. Certainly worth it! Stylish beard - the latest trend of this fashion season. But this raises a new question, what is the shape choose to look beautiful and to attract the attention of women. There are many types of beards and decide what is right for you is very difficult. Start selection of the best from the definition of the form of your face. It can be round, square, rectangular or oval. Read details about the shape of the face and choose an appropriate beard for himself.

The square shape of the face

For a square face shape is characterized by a wide jaw line and cheekbones. This form from Matt Damon and Gary Barlow. Men with this type of approach Medium Beard. Hair should be no longer than chin and shorter on the sides.

The round shape of the face

For this face shape characteristic round cheeks and chin, which is not allocated, there may be receding hairline on the forehead. If you have the same face shape as that of Leonardo DiCaprio, Chenniga Tatum and Kanye West, then you fit the type of beard, as in the photo. Long beard triangular shape visually pull your face.

The long, rectangular face shape

Rectangular or oblong face, usually quite awkward. For example, Eminem has won this face shape. If you have the same shape, the thick beard with rounded edges - this is what you need. She can visually shorten the length of the face, creating the illusion that your face is oval. Pay attention to the beard on the photo.

The oval shape of the face

If you are the owner of an oval-shaped face, then you are very lucky. It is universal and every beard is perfect for her. You can experiment as much as necessary. We advise you to pay attention to the universal version of the photograph.

It is worth remembering that a tall man will approach a long beard and volume, and low is best to confine the bristles. Creating a beautiful beard requires some effort. First, it must grow at least a month, and may cause some discomfort. But after this period, you will be able to simulate the kind of beard that is right for you. The result is worth it! When choosing the form of the beard into account the recommendations, but always strive for individuality.

If the article has helped you determine which beard suitable for your type of person to share it with your friends. They will also be interested to know how to emphasize the dignity of appearance and unique style to choose.

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