11 makeup tricks that we checked with the makeup artist

Every day we meet a lot of makeup tips from professional makeup artists and bloggers. The website decided to check out the most popular ones and tell your readers, what tips are worth your attention.

Select the right tone

Pick a cream depending on the skin tone. It can be warmer or colder. For the correct selection you need to put some shades on the border of the neck and face.

Carefully shaded bronzer

The modern face is constructed in soft curves. There should be no clear-cut strips and triangles. The shade of the sculptor is best to choose a taupe with a light texture. Dimming is best done just above your own cheekbones — such a move would create further lifting effect.

Choose the shape of the eyebrows

Eyebrow asked the nature of makeup, so for everyday it would be best to choose a soft shape with a slight bend. You choose the color depending on the color of hair: brunette color going 1-2 shades lighter than his hair, blondes tone on tone or 1 tone darker.

Visually increase eyes

Black pencil on the upper mucous will create a more clear and open view to visually make your lashes thicker. Conversely, using it on the bottom of the mucosa without active blush will create a more almond-shaped eyes and make it visually smaller.

Select the perfect form of arrows

The arrows all go! The main thing — to find their form and in the right direction. Do not lift the tail of the arrow is too high, so you break the shape of the eye. The continuation of the lower eyelid is one of the correct directions of your arrows. Draw the ponytail with an open eye, so you see all the folds of the century and will draw them in the wrong place.

Use several shades of eye shadows

In eye makeup, use 2 shades, but several. For soft shading required a tool like a fluffy brush of medium size, and shade that will create a shadow.

Paint the lashes one layer of mascara

A huge amount of mascara on the lashes, adds age and gives the lightheadedness. Well-separated, fluffy lashes look softer for everyday wear.

Correctly apply blush

Blush apply lightly and little by little layering for desired intensity. Area of application — it is not only the apples of the cheeks, the remnants on the brush shaded them to temples.

Choose a lip pencil in tone lipstick

The most important thing in the lip makeup — is that a pencil like faded lipstick. Too clearly and vividly outlined lips look gross. Begin to blend the pencil and then apply lipstick on top.

Hide dark circles under eyes

To effectively hide dark circles under the eyes, apply concealer is not a Crescent, and a triangle, as shown in the photo.

Apply highlighter on the protruding part of the face

Apply highlighter only to the areas where you do not receive the Shine, that is, avoid applying on the T-zone. Highlights are exposed areas on the face: zygomatic bone, Popovi, inner corner of eyes, bridge of nose and Cupid's bow above the upper lip.

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko, makeup artist Elena Zhukova
model Dilyara Dautova specifically for the Website

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