In Los Angeles, the ceremony of awarding the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.

Last Sunday in Los Angeles ceremony of awarding the Teen Choice Awards 2012. I think it is no surprise will be that triumphant ceremony were Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, "Twilight" and "Hunger Games." And in fact, for someone else may cast their votes in the American teenagers aged 13 to 19 ?!

Winners (the more so from year to year is almost the same people), and I (and you, probably, too) are more interested in clothes that famous girl wearing a red and purple track ceremony. How do I love these summer youth activities - a lot of bright mini-dresses, bold accessories and no limits!

Hayden Paneterri walked the red carpet in a shimmering mini dress rezortnoy collection Zuhair Murad. Color dresses just beautiful, and looks very original style - small cuffs, ruffles at the hem and neckline on the back distinguish it from many other cocktail dresses. As for accessories, there are worthy of special attention to shoes Brian Atwood: animalic prints of different colors convert classic style boat in at the art object.

Nikki Reed chose a dress for the ceremony, consisting of a rigid corset with V-neck and a black silk skirt with frill. Not to say that I am delighted with the dress, but I really like the selection of accessories - silver platform sandals and a clutch envelope to match very well complement the image of Nikki.

Selena Gomez opted for a ceremony light girlish figure, dressed in a short dress of pink caramel Dsquared². Easy dress looks great and minimalist sandals ivory and did not let the pearl of the image, but perfectly complement the fresh summer look. Selena did not burden the image of your decorations, opting for thin bracelet with large beads and fancy rings on his fingers. Pink lipstick to match the dress - the perfect finishing touch.

By the way on July 22 and on that day the ceremony took place, it became memorable for Selena not only because it has received as many as two awards ("Best Group" and "Best Single Group"), but because that day the girl knocked 20 years.

Jordin Sparks in black mini-dress by Chagoury Couture. In my opinion, the dress is poor. Suppose this is not the worst outfit that we have been able to see on the red carpet, but the best he did not name - a strange style. Of all the images I only like beautiful purple shoes.

I am glad that Demi Lovato wore a dress by age, but the abundance of finishing (though very beautiful) looking at it very seriously. If we want the singer to wear such clothes, it is worth to bring your body in shape. Incidentally, in the same dress recently appeared on the red carpet model Selita Ebanks - and if you compare the two girls in almost identical outfits (Selita covered her legs transparent chiffon skirt), the comparison is not in favor of Demi.

What do you think about the original hairstyle in a ponytail, black leather belt to rewind? I like - let looks weird, but to dress fits perfectly.

In turn the beauty of the crew, "Pretty Little Liars." The image of Lucy Hale without exaggeration be called very successful. I like the color of the dress, his style (a particularly interesting form of a bodice), and how he beat Lucy - gold jewelry, clutch and platform shoes perfectly complement the outfit. Like Selena, Lucy chose lipstick to match the dress - a win-win.

Shay Mitchell in a cocktail dress from the collection of Donna Karan. I can not say that this dress is just "wow", but the bright yellow color is very dark to face Shay. Let the actress failed to find the perfect style of dress, good choice of color - is 50% of success.

I like the image of Ashley Benson (See original in the background of countless mini-dresses), but with one amendment - pants should be slightly narrower. Otherwise, the figure looks disproportionate - chest, laced in tight corset looks very small, and thigh, on the contrary, is very broad. But such length trousers combined with a sharp-nosed seed pans classic looks very gracefully.

And the last "liar", which received an award in the category "TV star of the summer 2012" - Troian Bellisario. Like Troyen - she has a very interesting appearance, but her dress reminds me of a shortened version of Tutu. Dresses on ballet theme have every right to exist on the red carpet, but the image Troyen clearly something is missing. Perhaps colors.

The series "Pretty Little Liars" has become an absolute favorite among drama series, but it is handsome in the center (Ian Harding) was the best dramatic teleakterom. By the way, his girlfriend on the series Lucy Hale received the same award in the female category.

The absolute winner in the genre of sci-fi series were "The Vampire Diaries." Star series Nina Dobrev appeared at the ceremony wearing a dress J. Mendel. Again, I repeat: I do not particularly like the style of dress, although beautiful shape neckline and sculptural details on the skirt looks interesting, but I'm delighted with the color - very nice. And the more I like the way the color looks on Nina - it s very becoming.

And in general, Nina Dobrev in the evening looked unusually well - seems to be business as usual (beautiful hair, beautiful eye makeup), but it was in her appearance is something special.

A colleague Nina Kat Graham changed for two whole evening attire, and both were extremely good. For the first exit actress chose a tight sheath dress, decorated with gorgeous prints. The combination of pastel shades - is something unimaginable, a fancy pattern with a hint of marine theme explicitly in the style of Kate - a girl can often be seen in along with an original ornament.

The second image of Kate was no worse than the first, but this time the actress opted ensemble of jacket, which she wore on her naked body, and shortened shorts. Again, the stunning beauty of print is now more like a snake skin in a multiple increase. I have no words. Bravo!

The winner of six nominations Taylor Swift, unfortunately, has not surprised us with their choice of dress for the red carpet. Dress nice and very gentle, but country music princess is already so grown together with these flying squads that want to see in it something more interesting. For example, the gold dress by Zuhair Murad at the Grammy 2012.

One of the highlights of the Teen Choice Awards in 2012 became the triumphant return of No Doubt, led by Gwen Stefani. Gwen has not changed his favorite rocker style, both on stage and in life, but this time she skillfully combine it with accessories in retro style. On the singer was a leather vest with gold elements, narrowed trousers and pointy Louboutin. It would seem that the image as an image, nothing special, but in combination with a lot of gold jewelry, sunglasses in a retro-framed and permanent red lipstick outfit looks amazing.

Lea Michele was represented at the ceremony series "Losers" who collected all the awards in the category of comedy television series. At Lea was very beautiful pearl dress from the collection of Atelier Versace, decorated with a print volume of rosebuds. The dress is beautiful, but the platform shoes on the background look too heavy.

From the Kardashian family, this time arrived Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The only pity is that the right to represent the passing girls family shows, big sister Kim gave them their signature sense of style - dress of young girls look very banal and uninteresting.

Image of Kristen Stewart at this time is not much different from its previous image in various activities are not particularly inspirational, but that does not mean that it was bad. I really like the print on the jacket and the fact that Chris chose to kedam stilettos - perhaps it is they and not especially fond of, but it really goes. And with the tight pants look great.

Zooey Deschanel We sometimes get very good images, even with her favorite vintage, but this is not one of them. Zoe in a dress by Monique Lhuillier looks good, but it would be the length of the shorter, prettier shoes and hair higher, then all would not be so bad.

I know that this band Zoe Saldana is not to everybody's taste, but agree that it looks very unusual. I like the style of dress, the opening line of the waist, and print with a slight touch of retro. Well, that and a top and skirt decorated with the same patterns - it's the ensemble gives originality.


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