Facts about the life of Robert Downey Jr.

1. From 1984 to 1991 (7 years), Robert Downey Jr. met actress Sarah Jessica Parker. After leaving Robert long grieved because the following year he married, but Sarah got married only in 1996.

2. My favorite musical artist Robert - «Journey».

3. His favorite musician is Sting, with whom the actor over the years dating a very close friendship. Downey is also breathing indifferent to the music of Elton John.

4. Favorite Actor and emulate Robert - Charlie Chaplin. He likes not only the movies with this film actor, but he had written songs (especially the song «Smile», which covered the Michael Jackson).

5. The actor is interested in shiatsu (Japanese technique Shiatsu - finger pressure on biologically active points and zones. These zones are spread throughout the body, these points or tsubo are located between the muscle bundles, or directly on the aponeurosis on tendons, joints, bones recesses, and also in those places on the arteries, where palpable pulse).

6. Robert loves and knows how to play the drums, guitar and piano.

7. Robert Downey Jr. - former bisexual.

8. Actor keep fit not only for use of the gym, but also thanks to yoga, the benefits of which he often says in interviews.

9. Robert several tattoos. On his right shoulder - Indio (the name of his son), on the left shoulder - SUSIE Q (the name of a popular American song, after which all the women wearing the name Susan became known as Susie Q), ankle - Elias (real name).

10. Actor bad refers to the paparazzi. He believes that this is the most disgusting profession in the world. He himself said that if it had not become an actor, what exactly was the inventor.

11. Pet Sounds Robert - uncontrolled infectious whistling laughter. He was not averse to publish your favorite sound ...

12. Robert teaches his role with the appropriate technique. He takes a monologue of several hundred words and remembers only the first letters of these very words, and then perfectly reproduces the entire monologue. In addition, he wrote the lyrics (always write music first, and only then words, while normally everything should be the other way around).

13. For several years, Robert was engaged in dancing.

14. Robert has an older son, Indio, which this year will celebrate 19 years. Indio - the child from his first marriage Downey Jr. with the singer and model Deborah Falconer.

15. Robert Downey Jr. as well as many people are susceptible to addictions. He smokes.

16. In 17 years, Robert dropped out of school to start his professional acting career. Many years later, he decided to pass the exams in order to prove to myself and everyone else that a premature farewell to the school is not affected his knowledge. It is said that he received the highest scores.

17. On February 7 Robert was born the second son - Exton Elias. Mom kid was the second wife of Downey - producer Susan Levin, in which the actor married in 2005. The representative of the couple said:

All are healthy and infinitely happy.


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