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Vote for the title of "the sexiest men of 2012" by the magazine Ā«GlamourĀ» completed. The results are disappointing (and when will those who can outshine him?), After the second or third consecutive year in the ranking of one and the same person ...

The general list has got a lot of names and surnames (100 to be exact), but we were only interested in the top ten. Although it is worth mentioning those most closely stolen up to the leaders of 15 he was replaced by macho Joe Manganiello, 14 - intelligent and sexy, Alexander Skarsgard, 13 - "gossip" Ed Westwick, and 12 and 11, Ian Somerhalder and Cory Monteith, respectively.

10th place - Henry Cavill

Opens the first ten 29-year-old Henry Cavill. Kindly remember his name, because in 2013 it will become the dream of all girls' dreams - from the film Superman "Man of Steel." On the tenth position, I suppose, it was placed in advance, but then it will handicap all gathered actors. The taste and color, of course, but Superman is necessary. Let's see how we show it to Zack Sneijder. And by the way, is not Robert Pattinson was the main candidate for the role of Edward Cullen in "Twilight", namely, Henry, who at the time of writing, represented by Stephanie Meyer, but Cavill failed the audition because of age (the actor was too "old" for this role). Immediately he called the main loser in Hollywood, but the future of the project is for a short while.

9th - James McAvoy

Ninth place is occupied by James McAvoy, who has many years of working for the good of cinema. He is 33 years old and long since married and has a son, his fans, of course, saddened, but not much, because it saved his wife from alcohol dependence. The actor was addicted to the bottle after a failed romance with a classmate, but met Anne-Marie Duff forgot about it, and along with about alcohol.

8 place - Paul Wesley

Surprisingly, the 30-year-old Paul Wesley ahead of his sidekick Ian and is in eighth place, but, by and large, they are birds of a feather - both careers "no tudymi syudymi and" everything is shot in "The Diary of vapimra." And they just will not do this show? Well, Nina Dobrev somehow in demand, but they are something amiss why only in the "Diary"? Once in the head does not fit ...

7th place - Taylor Lautner

The youngest in the ranking - 20-year-old Taylor Lautner. On the "wolf" have high expectations, and tipped him fame in action films, but so far with the "Twilight" is not finished even think about it not worth it. Bad job to act in one and the same project for so many years, but this is only if Taylor does not want to be remembered as Jacob in the vampire saga.

6th place - Robert Downey Jr.

In 2013, 47-year-old Robert Downey Jr. will once again stretch the muscles in the third part of "Iron Man." He is charismatic and he picked up a good field to fill the gaps in his career: the role of Tony Stark Downey perfect temperament.

5th place - Benedict Cumberbatch

Rumor Benedict Cumberbatch - new boyfriend Liv Tyler and this is what they have attracted global attention, because for the last year in 36-year-old Briton was no one standing out of the project and there has been little sabbatical. But in 2013, he could not relax, because planned a few pictures with his participation.

4th place - Michael Fassbender

Closest to the top three crept Michael Fassbender, who is only now, at age 35, was the right man in Hollywood. A big list of upcoming bands with Michael blessed his fans, because they've been waiting for an hour the star of this beautiful Brit.

3rd place - Johnny Depp

Soon, 50, and women Johnny Depp continues to "cling". He recently broke up with Vanessa Paradis and girl-fans very happy to this fact, that's really the strength of the fan 25, and he was already 49. lamented the fact that late, too late now (sorry for tautology). In the next few years we will see in the image of Indian Depp in "The Lone Ranger" and bored Style Captain Jack Sparrow (fifth "Pirates" to be!).

2nd place - Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston was enough to put on a suit Loki that it drew attention. Talent was before, but the main audience did not notice, and now at 31-year-old actor is no release from the fans. "Thor 2" and "The Avengers 2" is not far off!

1st place - Robert Pattinson

The first place goes to ... who is it gets? Well, yes, yes, Robert Pattinson! Otherwise, it could not be, obviously. "Vampiromanki" are waiting for November to break its blood-sucking hunk into pieces, because the screens out the final part of "Twilight." Interestingly, after it Rob will add or diminish the army of female fans, and whether it will be the sexiest man in 2013?


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