The forty-life does not end

Wrong are those people who think, if there is no life after forty. Many celebrities to fully begin to shine, only approaching the age of forty. Or not to reduce their positions even at forty-five! What are these celebrities? I think you yourself can call them names. Well, I'll start with a list of the idol of millions - Johnny Depp.

1. Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp shines in all. Now he even know you, our grandparents, and all thanks to the famous role of Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp - the perfect man for many girls. They shed tears of joy and despair at his form.

And the public Depp prefers a dark room with a chair. Everyone recognizes his talent and skill. But this it is not going to stop. How about a career in the theater?
I think, I think, I think. This poison in me to settle Marlon. One day he asked me how many films I make in a year. I answered - but do not know about three? He said: "You have to slow down, baby - you should slow down. Because not too many people hiding in our pockets. " And then he continued: "Why do not you take a year or two, not poizuchat Shakespeare's" Hamlet "? Go and work on Hamlet and play that role. To play this role before you grow old. " And I thought - oh, yes, yes, I know Hamlet. Amazing. What a great role, a great play, and so on - well, you know. And then there was the killer. He said: "I've never done this. I never get a chance to do it. Why do you take it all for? "It's Marlon was the one who was supposed to play this role. And he did not play. Not played. Therefore, he tried to convince at least me - to play this role damn, man. Play until you have all the teeth fell out. Play it. And I would. I really, really wanted to. His fans are confident that John will succeed even on stage. And if Depp will be decided on in the play, its popularity will only increase, and the number of photos on the network may increase. Or at least the younger generation at least once go to the theater.

2. Eminem

Eminem almost 39 years, and he is not just does not end his career, but changes his philosophy of life, change the theme of their songs. His songs became much more lyrical and the eternal theme of the streets and drugs went a bit into the background. Of course, before his popularity was at times higher. All the boys suddenly painted in blondes? So it's Eminem dyed blond. But now, at the height of his fame, he was gaining new fans, performs new songs, starred in commercials and removes clips. But Eminem is fear. The fear that this will ever end.
I was most afraid that I will wake up tomorrow - and it turns out that I can not write. If my life is not drama, not dissatisfaction, my songs will become dull or boring, or something else like that.

Until now, few recognize his songs, but they know it all. Now Eminem is not the same boy who had something to prove to the world. Eminem - held a performer, he is respected and considered him. Although Eminem himself said that his success is obliged ... skin color.
It is clear as day that I have sold twice as many records, because I am white. In my heart I truly believe that I have a talent. But I'm no fool.

3. Hugh Laurie

When even the father Little was as popular as after retraining in a gifted genius doctor Gregory House? Never. He was 50, but he is known and loved all over the world. The series House MD knows everything. Thanks to Gregory House, many children find happiness (or mountain) in the medical profession. It is not the success of Laurie, the highest paid actor on television?

4. Brad Pitt

No, Pitt not soon end his acting career. He is not young, but popular and recognizable. Pitt - a welcome guest at the all star receptions, festivals and competitions. Brad just improving their skills, speaking in a variety of roles. For example, the role in "Inglorious Bastards" has spawned a new wave of adoration to Pitt and the recognition of his talent.

But in spite of all its popularity ...
I can say with all responsibility: for me, fatherhood, the family is most important. Only then should work.

5. Christoph Waltz

Already 54 years old, but was known most recently for his role in "Inglorious Bastards." Only in this role, he has received numerous awards:
Cannes Film Festival in the category "Best Actor»
British Academy for "Best Actor»
Golden Globe Award for "Best Actor»
Oscar for "Best Supporting Actor»

Waltz, probably incredibly happy.

Walz has four children, the eldest of whom - a rabbi in Israel. The irony!

6. Barack Obama

Barack Obama is that still a superstar, not Hollywood. Talk about it, discuss it, they admire. Barack Obama - President of the United States. The career is not taking off? And because he is almost 49.

7. Robert Downey Jr.

Well, so far without the famous Sherlock Holmes, eclipsed all the other actors who once played the genius detective? Yes, Downey secured a triumphant return. In her some forty-five. Well done, that to cope with addiction. Now Downey, again a favorite of the girls.

8. Jude Law

Where is Robert Downey, Jude Law and there. As without this handsome Hollywood, who shed tears for all - boys and girls, mothers and fathers? Yes, Jude has always been more or less well-known (especially we all remember his role in "artificial intelligence"), but now - in particular. And he's not going to take positions. Of course, as it will soon be the second part of "Sherlock Holmes»!

Something I have not noticed that in our list only men. Where are the women? And one worth mentioning? The issue is not even worth the attention. This and everything is clear.

9. Madonna

Madonna does not hand over the positions. Every single instant it hits the first lines of the charts. Her participation in the campaign condemns the subject of advertising success. She was 51 years old, but it is successful, more powerful, more beautiful than many 30-year-old artists. Madonna still collects huge halls, receiving various prizes and awards. That's what life continues after forty.

10. Elizabeth II

For each output whose watch? Whose every word heed? Whose authority does not fall? Whose status has remained unchanged for over half a century? Yes, this is the famous Elizabeth II. Name, immortalized in history. In my opinion, this is the most striking example of the fact that life after forty is still a long and remarkable variety of events.


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