Eyes - mirror of the soul

Eyes - mirror of the soul. The old truism. So, talk about the beautiful eyes of a beautiful soul. A sexy eyes, what are they saying? And if beautiful sexy eyes belong male soul? Yes, already captures the spirit.

What can I say, nature has generously endowed these big-eyed smoothies - they take one look to the fair sex, and forgot about the identification of the soul and that of her, but simply drowned in the sea of ​​charm and natural sexuality.

I thought that a dozen hot too boring for such a case, and suggest your favorite hot baker's dozen.

13. Yes, it opens Sean Connery, the sexiest spy of all time, with piercing brown eyes attractive. Such a view easily elicited none of the female mystery.

And, like a good wine, with age, this view has become only deeper.

12. Here, everyone's favorite doctor. Typically, these eyes will be cured without surgical intervention.

11. Richard Gere. Remember how, under this view, "Cinderella" has become a "lady," and Julia Roberts a star? For these eyes every girl not only graduate from college, but also protects a doctor, a continuation of the present are not removed. ))

10. Jude Law. A look promising. Although Sienna Miller checked - not true. But what a difference to us! ))

9. Always bachelor glance. From all of this going anywhere. George Clooney.

8. Jake Gyllenhaal. Captivates the eye good little boy. Promise to help with homework, and not only.

7. Josh Hartnett. Some cunning slips in these light brown eyes. Excites the imagination. ))

6. Gael Garcia Bernal. Eyes hazel green. Hacks! And that's it. Only he and I had to play Chegevara, this view may be drawn into any revolution.

5. In my opinion, this man should go into all the hot men's tops. I am sure that those eyes belong to any one million female hearts in the most literal sense of the word.

4. Paul Newman. It was claimed that even the sky is no such blue. This manly blue.

3. Paul Walker. Frankly, his film and I was not looking. Yes, and it is not necessary. Should look into the eyes, it is desirable to such. We dream, in short. ))

2. Johnny Depp. Plohish, pirates, Don Juan - all rolled into one. With this view it is not just permissible, with this view, everything is possible.

1. Ian Somerhalder. I've no idea what the girl would do without this actor with a difficult name. In my opinion, these eyes can bring back to life anyone, despite the fact that they can give everything to the last drop of blood. Now I understand the secret of the popularity of vampires.


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