Midlife crisis — diagnosis or a new phase of life

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Midlife crisis is a long — term emotional state (depression) associated with the revaluation of his experience when many of the opportunities that people have dreamed in childhood and adolescence has already been irretrievably lost or seemed as such, and the onset of his old age is estimated as an event with a very real deadline.

This crisis can take us in 35-45 years. Men and women this period is different. In women, this period may come a little earlier for 35-40 years and lasts for 2-5 years, men of 40-45 years and can last from 3 to 10 years.

Option 1. By this age, the program is executed at least, you have achieved a certain career, become a professional, started a family, built a house, gave birth to a son or daughter, and perhaps not one your kids are entertained, you may have already lost your parents.

Option 2. You gave your hand to build a family, your children are fed, clothed, trained, difficulties are already behind and you have succeeded as a father or mother, and continue to work as a middle Manager.

Option 3. You worked hard, maybe he even created his own successful business. And that was the main goal she achieved.

And these options actually can be set. And then you have reasonable questions:

— What's next? Where to go? It is the pinnacle of my life? Why do I live? That's what I really wanted in my life? My ability without turning lost?

In addition, during this period, be a natural physiological changes, simply put, we're just starting to get old. Our body is not toned and wrinkles appear, hair thinning, strength becomes smaller, reduced sexual attraction. Nightmare isn't it? Make it psychologically very difficult, especially when around young, active, energetic, beautiful....

When a person comes of age and new circumstances to which he was not ready, he falls into throwing, experiences and crises. Crisis often accompanied by depression, apathy, emptiness, the mind dictates one thing, and feelings tell a different story, all achievements lose their importance, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction, a feeling raskatyvaete health.

Adult, held a man in the Prime of life, quite successful, sudden, sudden, depressed, quits his job, leaves with a completely happy family, doing absolutely unpredictable, illogical, according to others for his actions. His view of the future bereft of hope. He loses his energy and his ambition, he is full of anxiety and feels he does not have time to jump into the last car. And trying to prolong the feeling of youth by any known means.

Will this period of crisis in the Slavic sense of the word, or become a springboard to new opportunities, reach their potential, depends on us.

How can we resist the onset of Autumn? Imagine that in the street +5 it's raining and we go out in shorts and maecke with a smile on my face, well, isn't it? That's about how we look when resisting changes in the period of middle age. "It's like, writes Jung, is that if someone is destined to fall into a deep pit, it is better to go down to her, observing the precaution, than risking to stumble and fall on her back."

The mid-life crisis always implies a global reassessment of values. Hence the natural desire to find yourself, your own way.

What to do?

Audit your life, examine it and understand what you need and what not.

Take your experienced way. Write all the positives and your achievements.

Be aware of the period in which you are in your new role. Because the crisis of middle age, so have half my life ahead. That you can now, with this precious experience? What new opportunities are open for you?

Strive to add to your life not only years, but also life. Balance your life.

Think about your dreams. What you have implemented, and which were shelved. Perhaps their time has come?

Open my true self.

Take care of your body as a temple, take care of your health. Sports, avoiding harmful habits, healthy eating will help you to maintain strength and vigor.

Love yourself, listen to yourself, believe yourself.

Questions that will help you better understand and find yourself:

From what you get real pleasure?

What classes and things You did when felt very inspired and was full of energy?

What would You do if you were sure 100% that you can't fail?

What do You feel a strong, genuine interest?

What would You like to change in this world?

What would You like to implement before I leave this world?

What would You do if you had no limitations in money?

For what You would like to receive recognition most in life?

If You had only one wish, what would wish?

What inspires You the most?

And the last question:

Do You take 100% responsibility for everything that happens to You in Your life?

No? – Then it is not a crisis – it's a dead end.

Yeah? – Then do not expect the onset of the crisis, and start right now! Create your life for yourself!

"You are where you are and who you are because you decided to be here," Brian Tracy



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