Rappers, acted in films

Quite often it becomes a trend among musicians, master related professions. One of these, for many of them, including rappers, such was the cinema. We propose to sort the most famous names.

Ice-T has become the undisputed ancestor of the trend, appearing for the first time back in 1983 in the movie «Breakers». Then, there were a lot of pictures, but this first.

LL Cool J appeared in films about the same time as rapping. Debut film for it (in the photo in a hat) was the "Wildcats" of 1986, with Goldie Hawn.

Ice Cube has appeared in film five years later, playing the role of Darin "Donut" Baker in the film "The guys in the neighborhood."

Will Smith (Will Smith), uniquely, has become one of the most successful rappers in the world of cinema. In 2008, he became the highest paid actor in the world. Although, frankly, in the music world, Will was not as popular as most of his colleagues. Film debut, Smith was held in the TV series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" in 1990.

Queen Latifah (Queen Latifah) in the men's list almost looks gem. She has a very impressive track record in the music world, but in the movie it is even more known. The first picture of her participation was released in 1991 and since then she has acted in nearly three dozen films.

It is clear that no one will call Mark Wahlberg (Mark Wahlberg) cool rapper. However, his track «Good Vibrations», in 1991, led by more than one chart, and the single was certified platinum. Today, the former Marky Mark, one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood.

Busta Rhymes appeared in dozen of films, but is still an outstanding musician in the first place.

Mos Def (Mos Def) is talented, not only as a musician but also as an actor. What the critics have repeatedly stated. Starting his career at the start of the century, it is now quite in demand as an actor.

Method man, from the project «Wu-Tang Clan», first held as a rapper, and since 1996, the year and established himself as an actor. In his career appear until more than 20 films.

Method Man'a partner on a group whose name RZA, went even further. He is not only in films but also became the director of your own movie about martial arts with a luxurious selection of actors.

Another lady in our material - Eve (Eve). 33-year-old singer has released three albums, sales of which have exceeded the number of 8 million copies. Then, for three seasons, she led his own TV show, starred in the movie, created her own line of clothing. In general, a very multi-faceted personality.

Romany Malco (Romany Malco) fairly well-known actor, regularly appeared in films and serials. From 1991 to 1994, the year called himself ROM and was a member of the hip-hop project «The College Boyz».

Eminem (Eminem) last forty years. He acted in a single film - "Eight Mile". Thus, the role was originally written for it.

Eminem peers, Common (Common), went to the movies only ten years ago, when, as he is engaged in music for more than twenty. Continues to develop successfully and to this day in both directions.

Ludacris (Ludacris) is the best-selling rapper from the South of the United States history. At the same time, regularly appeared in films and television.

We could collect a dozen well-known personalities who are well or rapping, but in the movie did not work, or vice versa. We decided not to touch them :)


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